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6 Ways to Keep Your Home Spider-Free

Spiders primarily use their venom on their insect prey, but their bites can sometimes cause irritation and more serious symptoms in humans. For peace of mind, you’ll want to find out what kinds of spiders you have in your home and keep them from troubling your family. Here are a few methods that could help you keep your home spider-free.


Remove Your Home’s Insects

If you can keep insects from swarming in your home, you can indirectly restrain an invasion by spiders. This is because spiders feed on insects, and without a food source in your home they’re less likely to stay.

Also, many spiders hang out near light bulbs, which attract insects. You could try to use fewer bulbs or other light-emitting appliances outdoors and inside your home. Replacing regular bulbs with yellow sodium vapor lights could also be helpful because they are less appealing to insects.


Keep Your Home Clean and Organized

You could also make your home spider-free by cleaning frequently. Use a vacuum cleaner or a broom to remove spiders and their webs. You can discourage them from coming back by frequently pulling down their webs. Also, destroy any egg sacs because they can hatch hundreds of young spiders.


Stick Spiders to a Trap

You could use sticky spider traps on the market to counter the infestation. These insecticide-free traps have luring aromas, which attract the spiders and entrap them. You could place these traps around your home where you see the spiders. The wandering spiders would move onto these traps and get stuck to them.

Use Insecticides for Your Home’s Arachnids

Although spiders are not insects, some over-the-counter insecticides can offer limited help with spiders. You’ll need to spray the insecticides around the affected areas of your homes. However, these insecticides will only work on spiders reached by the spray full-on, not by others who crawl over the area later. It’s likely you’ll need to repeat this technique often.


Seal the Cracks in Your Home

Spiders can sneak into your homes through small openings. You’ll need to check all your home’s cracks, whether on walls or near window areas, because spiders can crawl in through these small openings. Seal the cracks and holes with caulk. This might entail some hard work, but it’s worth it because this would also protect your home from other insects.


Let a Professional Help You Get Rid of Spiders

You might try out many different methods without getting your desired result of a spider-free home. It may seem that these spiders will never leave your home completely, whatever you do. Don’t worry.  Even if you’ve done everything you can on your own, professionals can take pest removal to the next level.

Professional exterminators can definitively recognize which kinds of spiders inhabit your home, as well as where they might conceal themselves or their eggs. Their expertise can help you reach a working solution faster than you could on your own, with less stress and less personal exposure. Seek assistance today and help your family stay spider-free.


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