Add More Fun to your Water Park Experience with Crazy Rides

The outdoor Water Park is a fun way to take a break from the heat and have some fun simultaneously. The majority of these parks are standalone attractions, but a few are located adjacent to amusement parks and theme parks.

Best Water Parks

There are also indoor water parks that are weatherproof, which are usually family resorts. They provide climate-controlled fun all year round. The rides and attractions at outdoor and indoor water parks are similar, usually including water slides, wave pools, lazy rivers (plus more aggressive ones called action rivers), other activities, and interactive water play structures with sprayers, tipping buckets, and other water play features.

Several of the larger water parks also feature marquee attractions. A slide with a wacky feature generally amplifies the thrill factor. Check out some of the craziest water park rides.


If you want to cool off during your summer vacation, why not go down a water slide up to 100 km/h? The best and one-of-a-kind water slide is Aqualoop. Trapdoors are the starting point for riders. With the drop that follows, they can reach a speed of up to 60 kilometers per hour and complete the loop. AquaLoop’s transparent fiberglass makes the ride experience visible to spectators thanks to a freefall that propels riders through a gravity-defying 360-degree loop. Thanks to this iconic image, water slides have become synonymous with high thrills. AquaLoop will give you an adrenaline rush like no other.



Immerse yourself in nature by getting wet and splashing about in puddles. Splashpad with the latest technology has emerged as a fun feature at water recreation parks that children love.

Splash pads come in a variety of designs, including the kids’ favorite characters. Sometimes, they are shaped like frogs or fish. Children can grab the antennae, spray the nearby water players with their hoses from bright green frogs, and make them erupt with bigger and bigger sprays.

You’ll be surprised by unpredictable bursts of water popping up everywhere.

With design elements inspired by nature, this zero-depth splash pad features leaves that rainwater and a giant Dew Drop that releases a fabulous spray of water when filled with water.

Water Coasters

Water coasters combine elements from both water slides and roller coasters, sending passengers swaying up and down and around water-slicked chutes. Instead of relying on gravity, as with essential water slides, these water park rides use power to propel the rafts uphill and maintain momentum.

Water coasters come in three basic types:

1. Master Blasters are the most popular. For uphill areas, it employs powerful water jets; however, for straightforward sections, it uses gravity and a mild stream. Many other parks have Master Blaster-type rides that add fun to amusement parks.


2. Magnetic induction technology is another type of water coaster. Magnetic strips embedded in the rafts and linear induction motors in the tracks send passengers uphill instead of water jets.


3. Another concept involves pulling uphill using fast-moving conveyor belts (think of the checkout belt of a grocery store gone haywire). They sometimes call them Zip Coasters. The belts can make quite a racket when they go into high gear.

Bowl Rides

The ones that are closed often have a theme and include lighting. one or more passengers may or may not use Rafts on bowl rides. Bowl rides can be arranged in a variety of ways. many have an open top, but others have a top that’s closed.

Each one has slide that accelerates the riders into bowl where they swish around and are thrown into a splash pool. Several riders scream as they take sharp turns through a dark tunnel before a 45° drop accelerates the multi-person raft into the massive funnel at a pulse-pounding 20 mph, causing riders to experience a momentary Zero-G effect.


Whatever your family’s preference, it’s time to pack up the swimsuits and head out for a day at the water park. A new generation of kiddie rides, slides, and splash areas awaits.

Visiting a family-friendly resort offers parents various options for entertaining their kids with their spouses, and enjoying the American outdoors. Today’s family resorts offer a wide range of leisure activities, such as swimming with dolphins and training circus clowns, and even sleeping in trees are real-life resort activities.  Vortex USA leaves no stone unturned in unearthing these excellent resorts to fill your time with off-the-chart family fun. Let the games begin!

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