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Best Baby Shower Gifts for 2020

There are so many baby items out there that it can be hard to determine what is the best baby shower gift of 2020. Expecting mother’s have their registries made, but there are always items that they don’t put on the list and really should! This article will have the best baby shower gifts for 2020 plus links to buy them at! Happy shopping. 

baby shower personalized baby blanket

Personalized Newborn Blankets

Our first and foremost important best baby shower gift for 2020’s expecting mothers is a personalized newborn blanket. Take it from the mom of a 6-year-old, we still have our newborn personalized baby blanket AND she still uses it! 

The best part about this blanket is customized with your specific name and birth date. The blanket material is super soft fleece.

What a way to bring a new baby into the world with a beautiful blanket personalized with their name on it!

Baby Diaper Caddie Organizer

New moms are going to need any way to feel organized because of the chaos of having a new child, this is the perfect way. 

Many times when you need to change a diaper, you are no where near the changing table, so why not have it all ready wherever you are in the house? This diaper caddie organizer has a ton of pockets and can be placed on another floor with all of the essentials. Such an awesome baby shower gift! 

4-In-1 Sling ‘N Seat Tub

Another one of the best baby shower gifts for 2020 is a 4-in-1 Sling ‘N Seat Tub. Getting a regular baby bath tub is not enough these days and we are way past the yellow sponge baths (remember those!). It is important to get all of the essentials so that way it is going to carry your expecting mother from infancy to toddler.

The tub can hold up to 25lbs. and it is easy to pull out the mat for drying, along with easy storage. It makes giving baby a bath super easy and convenient every time. 

baby shower gift baby wipe warmer

Baby Wipe Warmer

At first you might wonder why anyone would need this, but let me tell you, the difference between a warm wipe and a cold wipe is a crying shocked baby that wakes up from their nap and their bum is cold because your wipes are not warm, especially in the winter! 

Many new moms have no idea about this because it is something that is forgotten. Be the hero and get this as a baby shower gift! 

Baby Bottle Warmer

No longer in the times where we need to heat a bottle with hot water on a stove. There are so many more efficient and less dangerous ways to heat a bottle, especially at 2am.

One of our favorite ways is to use a bottle warmer. Make sure to find out the bottle types that they are using and find a bottle warmer to match. This one specifically can heat a bottom of 4 ounces in 3 minutes.

Nothing will make a new mama happy more than a quick bottle heating with a screaming infant! It can fit on the counter or even on a night stand for early feeding times. 

baby sound machine for sleeping baby shower gift

Sound Machine for Sleeping

Anything that can be controlled from your phone that doesn’t have to make a new mama crawl into their child’s nursery like a ninja to turn on the music again is one of the best baby shower gifts. 

The sound machine for sleeping is a gift that can last well into their child’s school age years. It encourages better sleep and can play many different sounds. Also, this one can change colors for a nightlight and the brightness of the color can be adjusted. 

car seat and stroller combo for baby shower gifts

Car Seat and Stroller Combo

Another great baby shower gift is a car seat and stroller combo. The reason this is the best bet when it comes to finding a car seat and stroller is because with an infant, you have to carry them everywhere. With having a combo, just pop the stroller out and put the car seat directly on it. 

Not only is it easy for getting around but when traveling, this is the best option to have with a car seat. It also comes with the base for the car seat that you put into the car. Easy for new parents to purchase another base for a second car if needed. 

diapers in bulk for baby shower gift

Diapers in Bulk

Something that new parents underestimate is the amount of diapers that they go through in the first few months of a newborn babies life. When buying diapers as a baby shower gift, buying in bulk is the way to go. Start with size 1 and 2, because those will go the quickest. 

The snuggler diapers also do a great job preventing any leaks that are in the diaper, which new parents will be extremely grateful for. 

Diaper Genie and 8 Refills

Seriously, this is such a steal this deal for a Diaper Genie with 8 refills! You will be thanked for the amount of refills you have provided your expecting mama because Diaper Genie refills are expensive when you buy them in a store!  

Why not get them a gift that they can use and then not have to keep up with purchasing parts to it on a regular basis? 

high chair for baby shower gift

Adjustable High Chair

Last but not least, an adjustable high chair will help your expecting mama feed their baby when they start eating baby food. It is easy to put together, and it can be transformed to any height position. 

With it being a reliable seat with a dual restraint system, it is also very easy to clean, which is perfect for parents! 

This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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  1. Such a fun list. I wish the personalized blankets were more of a thing when my kiddos were born. I love seeing newborns wrapped with their names on the blankets!

  2. These are such great gift ideas. I especially love the wipe warmer. I can just imagine (and I experienced it!) how babies must feel being woken up by cold wipes!

  3. These would all be such lovely gifts to receive. All very useful items for new moms!

  4. I love the idea.of the baby wipe warmer. I always had to hold the wipes in my hands for a bit before using the when my boy was little.

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