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Best Tips to Improve & Decorate Your Apartment

Because a rental is not your own, it can be difficult to personalize it to reflect your interests and add the finishing touches that make a place seem like home. Many leases have clauses prohibiting making any large or permanent changes, and some even forbid making small “damages” like drilling holes in the walls to hang curtains.


Additionally, it may feel difficult to justify spending a lot on décor since you may have plans to leave your rental property at some point. Spending money on a space’s upkeep may seem like throwing money away when it doesn’t feel permanent.

Because a rental is not your own, it can be difficult to personalize it to reflect your interests and add the finishing touches that make a place seem like home. Here's some great tips to decorate your apartment.

Hang Temporary Wallpaper

Renters who adore the look of wallpaper can replicate it with detachable temporary wallpaper. There are several excellent temporary wallpaper options, many of which are inexpensive and simple to install. Additionally, you can use it everywhere in your environment besides just on walls. Try putting it inside of kitchen drawers, bookshelf interiors, or dining room hutches to freshen them up.


Create a feature wall

Try adding an accent wall if you want to make a big effect with little time, money, or effort. One can:


  • Use removable wallpaper only on one wall
  • Apply a peel-and-stick mural or hang an extra-large tapestry to create a mural on a wall
  • Washi tape or vinyl decals can be used to create patterned designs
  • Use a very large peel-and-stick decal to create a blackboard wall
  • To provide the appearance of a wall with wood panels, use wood plank stickers
  • Group family photos or affordable artwork to make a gallery wall
  • A favorite fabric can be hung on a wall to mimic wallpaper


Add a rug

Putting down some rugs might be the easiest way to cope with unattractive floors. You can “remove” them quite quickly, and you can take them with you when you go. Additionally, area rugs can be placed over unsightly or worn wall-to-wall carpeting, unlike the majority of other solutions for hiding bad floors.


If you find something you like but it doesn’t have a rubber backing and you want to use it in a bathroom or kitchen, don’t worry. You can use carpet tape for this purpose, but an easy and affordable DIY is to pipe on some non-slip “treads” using acrylic-latex caulk.


Construct a Room Divider

A room divider is a practical solution if you wish to divide up different areas of your studio apartment or multipurpose space in your home. Without the need to construct or tear down walls, it can give the impression of separation. Although there are less expensive solutions, you can create your own room divider by using reused materials, an open bookcase, or a curtain that is suspended from the ceiling.


Add security to help you feel safe at home

When you rent it may not come with the level of security to help you feel safe, especially when moving to a new area. You can add simple things like sliding locks on the doors, window locks and an apartment buzzer system.

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