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Does CBD Cream Work for Back Pain?

Back pain is a very common area of pain, especially for people with tedious work and people who sit in a single position for too long. It is also a form of pain that is frustrating as it takes a while to gain true relief. In fact, when back pain is not handled properly, it can worsen, rendering the sufferer unable to move or perform any demanding task. With the extensive info out there about the many health benefits of CBD, many may have wondered if CBD cream actually works for managing back pain. In this post, we will help shed light on how you can treat back pain with CBD cream.

Back pain is a very common area of pain, especially for people with tedious work. In this post, we'll shed light on how to treat back pain with CBD cream.


Back pain (whether occasional or severe) can be unbearable to anyone that is diagnosed with it. It makes carrying out normal daily routines challenging as you will feel pain with every little movement you make.

The truth is that it is expensive and risky to treat back pain permanently; and if you are like most people, you cannot afford that bill at the moment. However, your choices begin to get slimmer with the increasing severity of the back pain. In some cases, the person may be told that he needs to go for surgery. This then makes people begin to research alternative treatments for their back pain.

If you fall into the category of people who believe that they have exhausted every affordable medical option available to treat back pain; you should consider trying CBD creams. CBD cream is the perfect and affordable alternative back pain treatment to surgery, don’t you think?

The truth, however, is that CBD cream only brings relief to back pain. It doesn’t have the ability to cure it. Having said that, relieving the pain can give you the time you need to find the cash you need to treat your back pain effectively. It also gives you a better chance of going about your daily tasks while you are waiting for proper treatment.

cbd cream for back pain


One of the 80 substances that are extracted from the cannabis plant is known as cannabidiol (CBD). It is popular for its many health benefits. A cannabis plant can either be a marijuana plant of a hemp plant. Hence, CBD can be extracted from both plants. The difference between the two plants is the concentration of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) found in them. THC is a psychoactive substance that gives people the “high feeling’ associated with using marijuana or hemp. Click this link for more information.

CBD, on the other hand, contains a very low amount of THC. This means that you do not have to be afraid of getting high when using CBD. It is the most common form of cannabis extract in the world. According to several studies, People depend on CBD for many health benefits such as relieving anxiety, insomnia, and back pain relief. He further explained that the reason for this is that CBD helps to enhance the endocannabinoid system (ECS) by interacting with the cannabinoid receptors in the body. The ECS is a system that the body deploys whenever it perceives a form of pain. Hence, CBD enhances the function of this system in relieving pain.

Unlike prescription opioid painkillers that interrupt natural biological functions in the brain, CBD works with your body’s internal receptors, the cannabinoid receptors. Indeed, the opioid impact on your brain prevents receptors from fulfilling their functions. Opioid painkillers temporarily “kill” pain receptors by blocking them. While the process stops pain, it can also disrupt other essential brain functions, such as the regulation of breathing or heartbeat. Used in excess, the substance can even affect your memory. It makes sense to favor CBD, which supports existing pain relief within the body, rather than chemically transforming your brain’s behavior.


There are tons of testimonies all over the internet about how CBD consumption has helped people suffering from many different forms of back pain. As stated earlier you can never go wrong by relying on CBD for the relief of any kind of pain.

Below are a few ways that the use of CBD creams can help relieve back pain:

  • RELIEVING INFLAMMATION AND PAIN: As indicated above, CBD enhances the ECS of the body by interacting with its cannabinoid receptors. This ECS system is the body’s natural approach to relieving pain. However, in some cases, the pain can be so severe that the output of the ECS is not as helpful as it should be. This is where CBD creams come in. They help to boost the output of the ECS of the body. These cannabinoid receptors (CB2) help in managing inflammation and pain. Hence, CBD triggers and enhances its functions for better performance.
  • RELAXATION AND REST: You may think that there is no correlation between quality sleep and pain relief. However, there is; the body has a way of healing itself when we are asleep. This can be challenging when you have severe back pain. Inadequate sleep dampens the ability of our body to heal itself. The body needs around 7 to 8 hours of sleep nightly for self-healing to take place. This is where CBD comes in. One of the many health benefits of CBD is improving sleep quality. This gives the body the time and space it needs to heal any form of pain.



CBD is known to be a great alternative treatment for pain management. This means that CBD cream can also be used to relieve (not treat) back pain.


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  1. After trying out several brands, my family and I are absolutely in love with CBD Infusion products. They have the best cbd cream for pain which is effective and works fast! I love how it relaxes my muscles and relieves body pains after a long day of chasing after the kids, doing housework and running errands. I don’t understand how anyone can be against CBD cream / oil when it’s dramatically improving people’s lives including ours. We can’t imagine going back to life without it.

    1. That’s so awesome – especially that it relieves body pain – that is a serious plus ESP after chasing kids all day!!!

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