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How to Choose the Right Weigh Safe Drop Hitch & Trailer Hitch


Weigh Safe is the first and only weight distribution hitch with a built-in tongue weight scale. It allows you to gauge your load before hitting the road, eliminating the need for inefficient bathroom scales or a trip to the weigh station. Learn how to choose the perfect weigh-safe drop Hitch and trailer Hitch with expert tips. Find the ideal towing solution for your needs. How to Choose Trailer Hitch.

Many of these drop hitches are adjustable and can be helpful if your truck height changes based on the load or if you tow different trailers. But how do you choose the right one for your vehicle?

Size & Weight Capacity

The size of your trailer and the weight capacity of your hitch play a significant role in how safe it is to tow. Injuries, fatalities, and property loss are all preventable by understanding, calculating, and staying within the truck, trailer, and hitch specifications.

Tongue weight is one of the most essential factors in safely towing a trailer. If there is too little tongue weight, the trailer may sway or be hard to control. If it is too much, the truck and driver will tire from working so hard to get traction, turn, or brake.

Weigh-safe drop hitch is a sleek and functional drop hitch with a scale built into the adjustable ball mount. When the trailer is connected, pressure on the hitch sends a reading to the integrated scale. From there, you can easily adjust the load to optimize tongue weight. It significantly increases towing safety. It also takes the guesswork out of determining if your towing equipment is appropriately matched.

Drop Length & Weight Capacity

The height of your hitch receiver and the trailer coupler can significantly affect tongue weight and how well your trailer tracks behind your tow vehicle. If your hitch is too low, it will result in more tongue weight being applied to your trailer’s rear axles than the front.

If the trailer coupler is too high, it can throw off your tongue weight reading and cause your truck to sway and lose control when towing. Weigh Safe offers a variety of drop lengths to help ensure that your tongue weight reading is accurate no matter what height your trailer coupler and hitch receiver are at.

When you hook up your trailer to the Weigh Safe adjustable ball mount, the pressure from the load pushes down on the hitch ball, sending a reading to our built-in tongue weight gauge. It tells you how much tongue weight you have and lets you know if the load is balanced properly and safely.

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Tongue Weight & Weight Capacity

The drop hitch must support the hauled load’s tongue and gross trailer weight (GTW). If it can’t, the trailer could sway and be hard to control, or the tow vehicle might experience problems with getting traction or braking.

The best way to find out the tongue weight of your trailer is by resting the coupler on a household standard scale. However, this is not easy to do and needs to be foolproof.

With the Weigh Safe aluminum drop hitch, we’ve made it simple to find the tongue weight of your loaded trailer without relying on inefficient bathroom scales or making a trip to the weigh station. Knowing your tongue weight is as easy as coupling and driving using the Weigh Safe hitch’s built-in scale. Proper trailer positioning provides the most stable, enjoyable, and safe towing experience. It is also essential when using a weight distribution system to balance your truck and trailer properly.

Safety & Security

It can be frustrating to go through all the trouble of arranging your trailer load and getting everything loaded up, only to hit the road and have your trailer start swaying. Whether from wind, road conditions, or your towing setup, it isn’t fun and can even be dangerous.

The weigh-safe, proper tow weight distribution hitch has a built-in tongue weight scale in the portion of the hitch shank that holds the stainless steel hitch ball. It makes gauging your tongue weight as simple as hooking up your trailer and turning a lead screw clockwise to increase distributed tongue weight or counterclockwise to decrease it.

Keeping your trailer’s tongue weight within 10-15% of its total weight will help minimize sway and create a safer, more enjoyable towing experience. Choosing the right drop hitch to distribute your load correctly is critical to this goal.

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