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5 Ways How To Say What You Mean 

Most people are afraid to say or communicate what they mean or what they’re thinking because they don’t want to be mean or sound like a jerk. Here are a few ways to speak up in front of others in a healthy, direct and communicative way.



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Avoid unhealthy communication styles:  

Text messaging, emails, Facebook messages… These are all unhealthy communication ways ! The best is face to face. Also, this means when someone says something you don’t agree with, to speak up at the moment and not 3 weeks later. It is important to say what you mean and mean what you say.

Use appropriate language:

cursing and telling someone how you feel when you are angry never, ever works. Most people don’t respond well when being yelled at and it’s important to use words such as “I feel” or “I want”. This gets your point across without having unnecessary mean things said.

Appropriate body language:

Don’t do the following : put your hands on your hips, don’t point your finger, don’t raise your voice , don’t clench your fists. Do maintain eye contact, do sit up or stand up straight.  This shows your trying to communicate anger.


Think before you speak!!!!!:

This is huge because if you haven’t thought it through, there is potential that you could say it wrong and the person who you are speaking to will take it out of context and it will be totally wrong.


Be firm, confident and ok with saying no:

If you are not confident with what you are trying to communicate , who would want to listen or believe it ? And if there is something you object to, be okay saying no. If people care enough about you, they will accommodate for the lack of.


These are super hard to do, especially if you are not good at number 5. It’s important to practice these and use them to your advance.

What do you have trouble with when it comes time to communicate your feelings?

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    1. Me too. Just continuing to be confident in what you are saying is important and not changing your mind because someone else disagrees.

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