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Juicy & Hot Eyebrows Trends for Fall 2023

It seems like brows have never been more important. Makeup artists focus on them as much as on any other part of the face, if not more. Having the power to change the whole facial expression, hot eyebrows need to be styled to make the eyes more open and to balance the facial features. 

Trends come and go, so let’s see whether bushy brows will still be hot this fall, or we can expect some new trends or the old ones having a comeback.

Are Thin Brows Making a Comeback?

Remember those super thin, one-line eyebrows that were so popular in the 90s and at the beginning of the 2000s? We often laugh when we see pictures from that period, but the current fashion looks a lot like the beginning of the century. It is just a little bit adapted. 

A situation with eyebrows is similar. No, super-thin brows are not popular, but some people like wearing their brows thinner than the trend suggests. Bushy, natural-looking brows are still number one, but if you are not a fan, feel free to pluck your hot brows a little bit thinner. Just be careful not to overpluck them. 

Some makeup artists expect the trend of thin eyebrows to return sometime in the future, but this is not happening this fall.

So, Big Brows Are Still the Most Popular?

Well, yes, but they do not necessarily have to be big. They should look as natural as possible, better overgrows than too thin. It is hard for people with sparse eyebrows to follow the current brow trend, so they usually find a solution in microblading hot eyebrows. Microblading adds additional hair strokes, which look natural and make the eyebrows look full and dense. 

This treatment is also great for people who overplucked their eyebrows in the past so much that they stopped growing. It gives them a definition and changes the whole face. 

What Are Soap Brows?

If you love TikTok (and Instagram) you may have seen Soap Brows. This is a simple trick to get fuller, brushed up eyebrows in just a couple of minutes.

Soap brows are achieved by running a clean spoolie through a (preferably glycerin) soap and brushing your eyebrows up. The arches look fuller, and the eyebrows are super trendy. 

For a more permanent solution, people choose brow lamination. The results are almost the same, but the lamination is usually done in a salon, and lasts up to 6 weeks, while soap brows lose their shape when you wash them. 

Bleached Eyebrows for the Hottest Fall Look

Bleached eyebrows are nothing new – they have been popular for a couple of years. But every time someone makes them, they look super trendy and current. So, if you want to draw attention to your makeup look, bleach your brows. Or better, getting them done by a professional who will make sure nothing goes wrong. 

If you don’t want to commit but want the effect of the bleached brows for a special occasion, you can fake them with a full coverage concealer and a clean spoolie. That way you can check out whether they really fit you and you can wash them easily. 

Straight Brows Are Soooo Trendy

Straight brows with high tails are made popular by Kendall Jenner. People love them because they lift the face, give it a youthful look, and make the eyes more open. They can be achieved by shaving the tails off and then drawing the shape with a pencil. If you are not sure how to do that, visit a brow stylist to do the shape for you.

 Makeup artists predict that straight brows are about to be more and more popular in the future and replace arched brows completely. This eyebrow shape is suitable for almost every face and it will definitely be very hot eyebrows this fall.


This fall, the hottest trend will be straight brows as well as natural, brushed-up brows. The more natural look, the better. This is also a period when experimenting with brow styles is welcome. So, if you want to bleach your brows or color them in pink or orange, feel free to do so. It will be so cute on Instagram. 

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