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How To Get Rid of Stubborn Belly Fat

Losing weight is for many people a goal that is set every year. We get to a point where we lose a lot of weight but then we hit a plateau. The last final few pounds and inches are just a pain to achieve. For some reason your body is refusing to lose weight even though you’re doing everything the same, especially stubborn belly fat. Well, maybe changing up your workout routines and changing your diet will help right? Yes and no.

The stubborn fat that doesn’t want to melt away is like that for a reason. First, you need to understand why it’s so stubborn, and how you can jump over the plateau. Some diets and workout routines work and others don’t. It really is a game of knowledge is power. Even though you might have the determination to get up early in the morning to workout and restrict your diet, it’s not easy. Just being healthy doesn’t mean you will burn off the ‘hard’ fat around your body. For this you need specific solutions.

Drop the processed

Think you’re eating a nice bowl of healthy fruit? Think again, some fruit that comes in packs has artificial chemicals. Don’t forget that food is a business. Farmers along with food store brands need to stock their shelves for everyone. In order to keep their produce fresh or as edible as possible, they will use artificial preservatives and other chemicals such as sweeteners in packaged fruits. When you keep consuming processed food, you’ll always develop a layer of fat that is hard and stubborn to be burned.


The liver will process the processed chemicals. Since they have been created in a lab and are not natural, the only thing they will be converted into is hard fat. Think of it this way, the white fat is hard and often used as a last resort for energy. But the soft yellow fat in our bodies is ready to be used immediately. Yellow fat will be from foods like butter, milk, and nuts. The harder fat will be from complex molecules such as in red meat, alcohol and frozen foods.

Help along the way

Everyone’s fat burning journey is different. Many people will find they hit multiple bumps in the road as they try to change up their diet and workout routines. Other times, some people are just lucky and their body stays predictable and they lose weight in a very linear fashion. However, stubborn fat is over found on the hips, underneath the belly button, the triceps and of course for some people it will be around their stomach.

There are plenty of supplements on the market you can try that are geared toward burning this stubborn hard fat that doesn’t seem to melt away like the rest of your body fat does. Something oxyshred is designed to help your immune system, but also your metabolism. And that’s what the key is, speeding up your metabolism so that your body begins to break down the fat that it thinks is in reserve. The more energy your body consumes the more fat will needs to be broken down at all levels.

They say you can’t go without water for more than 1 week, but you can go without food for several weeks. This is because the body does not need to break down the stubborn fat unless it thinks it’s necessary. That’s why supplements that help to boost your metabolism are great for fat burning.

More drinks the better

Solid foods take a long time to digest. The liver has to work harder to get all the nutrients out of the food you have chewed and swallowed. Although for many meals, in fact the majority of your meals have to be solid. You can opt to make smoothies that will speed up the digestion. This is useful because, not only do you get a good meal, you feel full and no longer have an appetite afterwards. Not feeling full is one of the key reasons why people often overeat. Even when they have met their calorie intake for the day, they will still feel as if they haven’t had enough to eat. This can cause obesity. And with it comes tough stubborn fat that makes a home for itself in our bodies.

Drinking a smoothie with milk is a great idea for lunch. Buy some skimmed milk or the kind with very low fat in it, and mix it with berries, apples, bananas and pretty much any kind of fruit you want. The milk will have calcium and will make you feel full, while the fruit will be a quick injection of natural sugars and energy. If not for lunch, then have it for a snack until you get home for dinner. The key is to stave off hunger for a long as possible until the next meal is consumed.

Consistency to your goals

Stubborn fat will only be gotten rid of with a stubborn attitude. You have to stick to your workout routines and keep to your diet. Don’t let the fact that a little piece of unwanted fat isn’t going away to ruin the rest of your body. It’s easy to feel frustrated and give up on your fitness and wellbeing routines. Consistency to your goals is the key. Eventually, over time if you keep changing up your workouts to attack your body from different angles. The stubborn fat will loosen up and slowly erode away piece by piece.

Hitting the weight loss plateau is real. It happens to almost everyone. You will eventually see small results from your workouts. Stubborn fat can only be melted down if you changed up your diet to include absolutely no processed foods. Have a smoothie instead of a snack or even a meal. Take a specific kind of supplement to help your digestive system speed up a little. Be as stubborn as your stubborn fat to get rid of it.


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