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4 Signs You Should Go on a Second Date

Dating is hard. It can be hard to meet someone you actually want to go on a date within the first place, and it can be hard, due to the stress and nervousness of a first date to really gauge whether it is worth seeing someone again, but you need to be able to do that to ever get anywhere with the dating game! especially if you are a christian and you met someone in a christian dating site.

That’s why I’ve put together some tell-tale signs that you should go on a second date. So, if you’ve recently been on a first date, and you aren’t sure about seeing them again, read on to see if you really should!

if you’ve recently been on a first date, and you aren’t sure about seeing them again, read on to see if you should go on a second date!

You enjoyed yourself

It’s pretty obvious that, if you had fun on your first date, and you spent a lot of time laughing, smiling, and feeling good, it’s worth having a second date. It’s rare to have a first date that is easy rather than awkward, so if you managed to achieve that, it is definitely a positive sign.

The conversation was good

If the conversation flowed easily and it never felt like your date was dominating the situation or talking about things you clearly had no interest in, it’s a good sign that you could be a good match, and at the very least, you know your date is unlikely to be self-absorbed.

Being able to talk to a date, whether via a chat line, in a text, or in-person is a really good indicator that you are likely to get on because when you don’t have much in common, chat is likely to be strained, uncomfortable and pretty boring, so don’t let the good chatters go!

There was chemistry

It’s all well and good having a good time and enjoying a chat with your date, but if you can have all that with a friend. When it’s a date, you want that all-important chemistry to be present, So, if you found your date attractive and they seemed to be into you in that way too, then it’s a really positive sign.

Of course, chemistry alone is not a good indicator, not if you are looking for an ongoing relationship anyway but a lack of chemistry definitely means you’re on a road to nowhere, so pay attention to the tell-tale signs of attraction. You either have chemistry or you don’t.

You feel completely comfortable

If makes you feel uncomfortable, then you are probably not going to want to see them again because it’s important to feel safe and secure when dating. So, it makes you feel totally comfortable around them you can be yourself; if you feel safe; and the vibes are all positive, then a second is definitely on the cards!

If you spot most of these signs on a first date, then it is pretty clear cut that you should have a second date and see how things progress from there, if not, it might be best to cut your losses, but there are, of course, always exceptions. Have fun!


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