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The Travel Booster Seat

Have you ever traveled and then rented a car at your new destination? Have you ever had to do this with a child? We all know that traveling with a child is hard enough, let alone trying to carry a car seat or a booster seat with you across airports. Just another heavy thing that you need to carry with you.

My daughter is not old enough for a booster seat yet, but in just one more year, she will be the right size/age for a booster seat and we travel a lot.  It’s important to be prepared when you travel across the country because you never know if the company that you rent cars from will have the right car seat and if it even works. In my experiences, the car seats that we have gotten from the car rental places have either been broken, too small, or does not fit right.

As a newer mommy, I have learned over the past 3 years that I need to be prepared. I began looking into booster car seats because I know that would be our next purchase. But a few questions I needed answered to start my quest was:

  1. What am I looking for?
  2. What is my best choice?
  3. Which is easiest to move?

When searching, I kept those 3 questions in mind. There are so many choices out there and it can be overwhelming. Upon searching, I found this really amazing travel booster seat. I know that as a mom who is traveling across the country more than once a year, we need something that can be brought in the airport and easily put into a taxi/bus/car at the location that we arrive at. I knew it wouldn’t be easy to find but I wanted to try.

Amazing the things that you find when you search!

The BubbleBum Travel Car Seat Stars + Stripes is the “best seller and parents’ favorite,winner of more than 20 design and innovation awards including Mumsnet, Mother & Baby and Practical Parenting. The portable, lightweight, inflatable car booster seat for children aged between 4-11 easily deflates and packs away,making it perfect for vacations, rental cars, taxis, coach journeys, school trips or carpooling.”

Wow! That was exactly what I was looking for. Some of its key features are:

-portable + lightweight

-inflatable + re-useable

-you inflate it by mouth (takes less than 20 seconds!)


-with added belt positioning clip for extra comfort

-can pack away in small bag


Below are some pictures of how it folds up and you can put in your own bag to travel with. It’s kind of the most amazing thing I have ever seen. I didn’t have to look any further – I found what I was looking for. A perfect seat for my daughter and to top it off, I can store it in my own travel bag.


I wanted to show you a picture of what it looked like on an actual seat so you can get an idea of the size that it turns into. I love that it can be moved easily because in our car, we always have people coming and going to visit us, so we have had to move around her car seat a lot to fit people in. This Travel Car Booster seat helps us immensely in being able to move it around easily. Another cool fact is that these are only $29.99 so if you are a mom who is part of a car pool for soccer practice or girl scouts, etc. then you can have extra ones for other littles who you are responsible for driving in your car.

There are other designs that you could purchase if you are looking for a different color. Bubblebum also makes an awesome car organizer, something you totally need to check out!


[This is a sponsored post in exchange for a honest review. Please visit my Disclaimer policy for more information.]

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