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Vancouver Carpet Cleaning: 5 Effective Cleaning Tips You Can Use on Your Carpet

Regardless of how many times you clean the house, the carpet will always tend to attract dirt much faster. This is because it’s usually at the center of many activities. People walk on it and drop food particles while having a meal or snacking. The pets also like resting on a smooth and soft surface, and a perfect provides the best solution for this. Sometimes they even end up easing themselves on the carpet. Now you will have to deal with the mess and the fur.

With all this, you will be left with no choice but to clean your mat as often as possible. Well, you can always choose to have the professionals take care of it or clean it yourself. The following tips might help you out if you decide to clean it up yourself. You can also find out more by checking out some carpet cleaning Vancouver services online.



When dealing with rug stains, you should remember to blot stains and not to rub them. You can always use a clean cloth, a sponge, or paper towels to blot the carpet after applying the cleaning solution. This is a great cleaning hack as it allows you to soak up the stain just by using a small amount of pressure on the affected area. Rubbing might ruin your runner by destroying the fibers and also you risk spreading the stain further to other areas. When blotting, make sure to start from the outside, going towards the center of the stain. This will help you to avoid spreading the stain to other parts.


Using club soda

If you have been doing some research on the Internet about carpet cleaning DIY processes, you might have read that club soda can be used in such a situation. If the correct procedure is followed, this process can help you get rid of beer or wine stains you might be having in your mat.

You can start by bloating the affected area using a clean cloth with some soda. If the stain remains, you can try cleaning it again with a solution of white vinegar and water. Use a sprayer bottle to apply the solution to the affected area and wait for about 10 minutes for the stains to be soaked in.

Use a clean piece of cloth or sponge to soak up the solution and rinse the area with warm water. You can also use dry paper towels to absorb the dampness and leave the rug to dry.

Shaving cream

Even if you don’t have any commercial cleaning solution, you can still clean your carpet with other alternatives around the house. Shaving cream is one of them. This product can help you to get rid of almost any type of stain.

Apply the cream to the stained area and wait for about half an hour to allow it to set. You can then proceed to bloat away the cream using a clean and dry piece of cloth.

You can then spray a solution of white vinegar and water on the area and wipe it off with a clean piece of fabric. This will leave you with a clean mat when done correctly.


Ice cubes

Did you know that ice cubes can also be used as a cleaning solution? As you walk in the streets, you don’t always look where you are walking, much less what you are stepping on. This is how that sticky gum mess ended up on your carpet.

Don’t worry, getting rid of it is quite easy. Just go to and fetch some ice cubes from your freezer and use them to freeze the gum mess for about 25 to 30 seconds. When the gum gets frozen, you can then use a fork to raise the glob and carefully cut the strands holding the mess.

Make sure to cut the strands close to the mess as possible. Trying to pull out the gum mess directly might lead to the destruction of the fibers as you might end up plucking a few along with the gum mess.


Dishwasher detergent

Another tip to help you get rid of the stains in your carpet is by using your ordinary washing detergent. This might help you against those tough to clean grease stains you might be having on your mat.

Mix a small amount of your grease-cutting dishwasher detergent and water and apply it directly to the stained part using a spray bottle. The process works just as it does on utensils and other kitchen equipment. Remember to bloat when removing the detergent to avoid ruining the fibers on the mat.

Repeat this process a few more times if the stain persists. You can also consider hiring professional cleaning services to help you out. Click here to find out how. It always feels good to spend time in a clean environment, and knowing these simple tips can get you started on keeping your tapestry clean.


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