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8 Water Features for All Sizes of Garden

Adding a water fountain to your garden is a great way to add sounds, texture, and a host of other benefits to your outdoor space. Water features can help cool down your garden during hot summers and can also act as a place for the local wildlife to get a drink. They look fantastic, and with these great ideas to choose from, you are sure to have a great option, regardless of your garden size:

Adding water features to your garden is a great way to add sounds, texture, and a host of other benefits to your outdoor space. Here's what to add:

Water Features for Your Garden

There are many different types of water features that vary in size and aesthetic, meaning there will always be a water feature you can add to your garden. To give you a taste, here are just eight:


  1. Bird Baths
  2. Spherical Water Features
  3. Garden Rock Water Feature
  4. Water Blade
  5. Pond Spitters
  6. Cascading Water Feature
  7. Ponds
  8. Lakes



Balconies are the smallest of all gardens, but with the range of water features available, you too can add a water feature to your home. You’ll want to stick with a closed-loop water feature, like a cascading water feature or a garden rock water feature. These are small waterfalls that can even be battery-powered. They drop water down several tiers and pump the water back up to continue the cycle.


Small Gardens

Small gardens have a lot more range and options. You don’t want to go all out with your water feature, of course, as this could greatly reduce the amount of space and options that you have. Instead of a pond, for example, small gardens will benefit from more geometric and taller water features. From water blade fountains to spherical water features, all the way to a waterfall, there are so many great ways to add water to your small garden, especially if you think vertically.

These water features will help improve the visual of your space, as well as offer water for birds and other creatures. In some cases, your water feature may even help cool your garden down.


Large Gardens

Large gardens can do absolutely anything. You can have a fountain; you can have a full-sized pond. You can even have a man-made river feature if you wanted to bring your water feature throughout the space that you have. You could even install a natural lake. When it comes to really getting the most out of your space, remember to prepare it for nighttime as well.

Having a beautiful pond is great during the day, but to get the most of it year-round (including those dark winters), you will want to look into installing a solar pond light. These are very easy to install throughout your garden, and there are also land options available to keep your garden beautifully lit around the clock.


Choosing the Best Water Feature for Your Garden

It is important to pick a water feature that suits the size of your garden. The larger your space, the more options you have. You can move away from pump water features and start to craft a natural space that even frogs and fish can call home. Just so long as you work with what works best with your space, you cannot go wrong.


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