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What Happens To Your Body On Alcohol

Alcohol is one of the most harmful drugs we take on a regular basis. Of course, a little bit of wine with your meal is not bad at all. Doctors recommend one glass of wine every other day. However, it’s the beers, whiskeys and spirits that we drink for pleasure that usually do the most harm. Only if you knew the harm you are doing to your mind and body with alcohol, would you then force yourself to slow down or cut it out altogether. So we want to take you on a journey through what happens to your body on alcohol.

Alcohol is one of the most harmful drugs we take on a regular basis. So we want to take you on a journey through what happens to your body on alcohol.


Blackouts in memory

The brain makes complex memories and this can be interrupted by drinking alcohol. You’ve heard of the saying, that if you want to remember your night out, don’t drink. This is very true, as short-term and even long-term memory loss has been attributed to alcohol abuse. It is very possible to wake up the morning after a bender, and not even realize where you are, how you got there and what you did the night before. It’s worrying, confusing and it can even be traumatic.

Dependency in your mind

Alcohol does and will affect people very differently, but it’s not a secret that most people have the same dependency built up, after a short while. Alcohol becomes your body’s main source of fuel, as this is most of what you put in your body during the day. When you take alcohol away, it’s like your body has to revert back to digesting and absorbing normal food. Done too quickly, this can sometimes even be fatal.


Slurring your words

Alcohol affects your tongue, brain, throat and lungs. All of which you use to speak. Too much alcohol can result in slurring your words, even when you are not drunk. Speak with an alcohol rehab program and they will tell you that slurring your words is sometimes irreversible unless you get your teeth replaced and or have plastic surgery on your tongue or throat. And because slurring is so often attributed to alcohol abuse, those who listen to your speech will recognize that you had a problem with alcohol or still do. It’s an uncomfortable social hindrance.

your body on alcohol

Thinning bones

You will find that if you drink too much alcohol, your bones can become brittle and thin. This can lead to things such as osteoporosis. You won’t be able to handle your own body weight without feeling aches and pains, walking and running will become uncomfortable, and even sitting. This is because the marrow of the bones wears away quicker which decreases the density of your bones and thus, thinning occurs.




None of this sounds any good does it? So it’s best to begin taking your own alcohol consumption a little more seriously. Cut back or cut it out, you’ll find that alcohol isn’t what it’s all cracked up to be. You can have a good time without it!



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