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Why You Should Change Your Toothbrush Every 3 Months

There are several aspects when it comes to maintaining oral hygiene. The most important and essential thing amongst them all has to be brushing your teeth. Most people do not take this activity rather seriously, and it is just a part of their daily routine. It is the first thing that they do in the day, yet do not seem to care about it much. Ignorance might be bliss in some cases, but can be dangerous here!

A toothbrush is an essential part of your daily oral hygiene routine. You must maintain your toothbrush. Replacing your toothbrush from time to time is also something that you should do. There is a cycle after which it is advisable to replace your toothbrush with a new one. Here are a few reasons why you should change your toothbrush every three months.


A toothbrush is an essential part of your daily oral hygiene routine. Here are a few reasons why you should change your toothbrush every three months.

To guard yourself against diseases:

Using a toothbrush for an extended period may cause some hazardous effects. These effects are unknown to most of us. But it would help if you did not ignore them, they can take a hefty toll on your health otherwise. Most of these diseases arise due to the bacterial growth on the head of the toothbrush. The bacteria grow over time, and as the toothbrush ages, it catches even more of it. Invisible to the human eye, the bacteria can do a lot of damage. Studies have shown that it can even lead to flu, fungal infection, ulcers, and sore throat. To guard yourself against these conditions, you might change your toothbrush from time to time.


For the wellbeing of your kids:

To take care of your infant’s oral hygiene is a tough job. The equipment has to be correct as it is perilous if done otherwise. Besides, infants are more likely to catch an infection due to the wrong equipment over a full-grown adult. You should ensure that the toothbrush of your kids is changed every three months. As the gums of the kids are sensitive while growing so the harmful bristles can affect them severely. The bacterial growth on the brush can give them some severe gum infections.


This can harm the overall health of your children. If your child has any dental problems, do visit the dentist at once without any delay. Dental problems may seem petty, but can be extremely painful and troublesome. Many dental treatments can be painful for adults as well, leave kids. Procedures like a root canal or tooth extraction can surely test one’s endurance. There are ways in which you can reduce the pain. Kid’s sedation is one such technique that is safe and is practically pain-free. 

Better cleaning with new bristles:

Bristles play an important role while choosing a toothbrush. You should always check which hairs are suitable for your teeth and gums. If you have sensitive gums, a toothbrush with soft bristles is recommended for you. If your gums are tight, then you may go for a brush with hard bristles. Whichever is the bristle type of your brush, it gets worn out after a while. Worn out bristles cause many problems like gum bleeding, infections, and improper cleaning. Also, newer bristles clean your teeth in a much better way than the old ones. 

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Keeping Your Gums Healthy:

An old toothbrush is not only harmful to your teeth but it can also damage your gums. A toothbrush used for too long damages gums both directly and indirectly. With the old and weary bristles of a toothbrush, its users are likely to have a rough time with it. Such brushes can even spoil the gums, leaving minor cuts on them every time you brush your teeth.

The indirect effect of an old toothbrush can be seen when plaque manages to stay on the teeth for too long because of it. In the long run, it creates a mineral deposit near the gums which can lead to various diseases.       

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To Avoid Toothbrush Contamination :

It might be hard to believe but no matter how much you try to keep your toothbrush clean, it is always carrying some sort of contamination with it. According to a study conducted in 2012, toothbrushes can easily be contaminated with oral cavities. So, it is natural that the longer you use a toothbrush on existing and untreated cavities, the more dangerous they become for your oral health. Therefore, it is crucial that you keep your toothbrush covered, clean, and change your every few months. 



It is unsafe for the ones around you:

Most of us place the toothbrush after usage in the bathroom itself, alongside other brushes in a holder. The brush seems completely fine to us as the bacteria is invisible to the naked human eye, but it is loaded with bacteria. Keeping it the holder with other brushes not only damages your oral health but damages the health of other people in your house whose brushes are alongside yours. Toothbrushes are very prone to catching bacteria when they are wet. So, right after usage when you place your brush in the holder, it transfers the bacteria from one toothbrush to another. This harms the oral health of everyone around you. Even if you do not change your toothbrush, it indirectly harms the oral health of the ones that do around you.

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These were some of the primary reasons as to why you should keep changing your toothbrush every three months. It is not only for getting a newer and better toothbrush but is, in fact, for the better maintenance of your oral health. The saying “old is gold” maybe be true for most things, but it is certainly not when it comes to a toothbrush. 


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