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10 Signs a Loved One Has a Drug Addiction

Addicts don’t really know how weird their actions are to their loved ones, or how scary it is. Although they do try very hard to keep it hidden, a very observant and worried person would recognize the symptoms and call the authorities for intervention.

We all get to meet people who we will love unconditionally. Getting them to love us the same way is just as important as letting them know we love them. But what happens when they begin to withdraw and act strangely, worse still, when we can’t pin down what exactly is going on with them? 

From a spouse, a lover, an acquaintance to a child, no matter what our relationship with that particular individual is, we need to be aware and knowledgeable of what could be the cause and effects of a downhill turn of a relationship. You need to be there for somebody in your life if they have a drug addiction – this is not the time for you to walk away or to color. Understanding all that you can about what an addiction recovery center can do for them will help you to be in the best position to sell that idea to your loved one. And that is why this article seeks to explore relevant signs of drug addiction that cannot be overlooked as well as why we should employ the services of commercial drug testing labs.

3 Signs of Drug Addiction to Look as Parents of Teens

What is an addiction all about even?

Pretty sure as kids we all were yelled at by our parents to drop something and get on our feet. But then again, we wouldn’t want to, because whatever it was our parents yelled at us to stop doing was much more enjoyable than sitting outside or playing with kids our age. Sounds familiar? That is exactly what addiction is all about.

An addiction is, simply put, an obsession to just keep up with activity without being able to control ourselves. When you “just can’t help it” do something. The thing with addiction is that we are well aware that it will harm us but we want to keep doing it nonetheless. 

Then what’s the fuss about drugs?

Apparently, drugs are…let’s say an easy way to just forget what is going on around you (if you take it negatively). In healthy terms, drugs are used to treat underlying medical illnesses.

But over the years the definition of drugs has twisted considerably without question and that can’t be denied seeing the way it is being used.

What then is the relationship between addiction and drugs?

Drugs and addiction are closely knit just because drugs give pleasure and become hard to avoid once interest is piqued. People never really mind the risk of using drugs which is why they become so addictive.

Addicts don’t really know how weird their actions are to their loved ones, or how scary it is. Although they do try very hard to keep it hidden, a very observant and worried person would recognize the symptoms and call the authorities for intervention.

Ten symptoms to look out for in an addicted loved one:

  • Private Behavior:

Yeah, sure we all want a little bit of privacy to ourselves every once in a while, and that is perfectly healthy for the average human, but it would be absolutely shady for someone who is a buzz-bee to be quiet with their significant other.

If your loved one develops sudden changes that include frequent withdrawals and unrequited private behavior, it might be a sign of an addiction, after all, we never can tell what actually goes on behind closed doors.

  • Mood Swings:

Now, we all know drugs are known for messing up with our minds and psychological balance right? So frequent unstable mood swings could be a sign of a drug addiction that needs to be identified and corrected.

Drug Addiction

  • Loss of Interest: 

It’s perfectly normal for someone to lose interest in an activity they used to enjoy periodically, most likely due to exhaustion.

But when losing interest should become a concern is when the person is losing interest in multiple activities all at once. No other explanation can be given except for the possible traits of being involved in drugs at an alarming and addictive rate.

  • Changes in Sleep Habits:

We can all get so drained during our week and then spend the whole weekend sleeping the stress away; that is a normal stress-response technique for humans. However, you should recognize that when it becomes unusual, medical attention should be sought.

Drud Addiction-Changes in Sleep Habits

  • Changes in Performance:

This is especially recognized in teenagers who might be under the influence of drugs, parents should recognize that a change in the performance of their kids, whether in school or in their social life might be an indication of drug use, abuse, and addiction.

  • Getting into Trouble:

Every kid gets into trouble, but when it becomes too frequent it becomes a cause of worry for parents; this should be noted and addressed adequately to discover if drug influence is responsible.

  • Defensiveness:

Being overly defensive of oneself could seem shady if backed with aggression. As earlier said, drugs affect our psychological makeup and tamper with our overall behavior, this is enough predisposition needed to identify a possible drug addict.

  • Physical Changes:

Scientific studies show that addicts have an intense loss of appetite and would rather be with their drugs (or addiction) for a considerable length of time than actually take care of themselves. Their refusal to eat could lead to undeniable and shocking physical changes which need to be addressed as quickly as possible.

  • Erratic Behavior:

Because being uncoordinated is characteristic of being a drug addict, concerned relatives should intervene if they notice it.

  • Struggling with Limits:

Having limits is alright but struggling to keep to them is worrisome. Concerned relations should ensure to recognize and help out the troubled individual and find out if there is any 

relation to drug use.

So, what can you do?

Having identified these signs of drug addiction, the next step is to come in contact with a certified commercial drug-testing lab. Getting a person tested for drugs is key to treatment, and with the help of professionals, it would make it all easy to run a treatment pattern and determine if drug and alcohol rehab is necessary. Everyone needs to be healthy and so signs of drug addiction should be overlooked to avoid harmful long-term effects.



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