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12 Family Activites To Do in January {Free Printable}

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The beginning of the year is always a hard time to get motivated to do things outside of the house. It’s snowing, it’s freezing, it’s dark out early – all things that are not calling you to leave the house. Motivation to leave the house in January is also not easy to come by, but being stuck in the house with the family is not always easy either. As a mom, I know that unless I have somewhere fun to take my daughter during the winter, we will most likely be staying at home. Playing outside in the winter is usually for a very short time, especially with how early it gets dark, and that leaves a whole lot of other down time.

What can you do as a family during these times?

Here is a list of 12 activities that you can do with your family during January.

  1. Find a local schedule of events in your area – maybe a Facebook page, newspaper, or even just it. There are many events in your area that you may not even know about.
  2. Go to the .  There are always movies out that you can take your family to. Get some popcorn and enjoy a nice, warm movie theater.
  3. Visit the museum. Use to help you find some really cool museums in your area that you may not have heard of before!
  4. Find an indoor water park. There are more than you would think around the United States, use to find indoor water parks near you.
  5. Ice Skating. Find a local ice skating rink and bring the whole family out and pair it with hot chocolate.
  6. Snow tubing. One snowy day (we know there will be one!) take the family out snow tubing. It can be a great bonding experience.
  7. and snowboarding. Do a weekend trip to a local ski resort. This way not everyone has to go skiing if they don’t want to, they can stay at the lodge.
  8. Go out to ! Do not cook every night! Take the family out to dinner and enjoy it! There are many family friendly restaurants that you can go to – take advantage.
  9. Swimming Lessons. Find an indoor pool that will give your children swimming lessons. This is the perfect time for swimming lessons because they will be ready by the time it becomes summer.
  10. Go to a sporting event. Support your local high school, college, and professional sports teams by going to their games! A great time to be bonding with the family cheering for your favorite teams.
  11. Family Game Night. Even if you have little children, you can find games that are fit for every age. Then once they go to sleep, the adults can play an adult board game.
  12. Indoor Playgrounds/Bounce Houses/Bowling: Going to one every weekend almost covers the whole months for weekends! should definitely be considered as an option if you have one near you.


Below is a free printable checklist that you can download and print out to share with your family. Make it a fun event to check off the activities as you do them! Winter is super long and anything that you can do to make it fun, will make it not feel so long!

Family Check List (1)


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