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Smart Ways to Turn Cleaning into a Workout

Life can be tiring at times and combined with the pressure from work it can easily lead to stress and unpleasant feelings. Many scientists have proven that a good workout can easily help you relieve some stress and make you feel much better, energized and it can, of course, improve your health condition. If you think that this sounds good in theory but you don’t have the actual time to do a proper workout, I beg to differ. Did you know that you can get perfect workout results out of your regular cleaning chores? That is right, you can clean your home and burn some calories while doing it. If you make a few extra efforts while doing the housekeeping, in no time you will see some results.


Use big movements

When you are doing the usual scrubbing tasks, don’t concentrate on doing small circles but rather try to extend your movements and do the scrubbing motion in bigger circles. You can use a wax polish instead of a spray and this way you will have a better workout for your shoulders and your heart rate will increase.


Vacuum and do lunges

Lunges are a great way to tone your thigh muscles and hamstring, they also help to improve the strength of your core. A great way to engage lunges in your regular cleaning is to do them while you are vacuuming your home. As you push your vacuum forward you can lunge forward with one of your legs, keep this position for five seconds and pull yourself back up. Try the same thing with your other leg and continue doing this exercise until your entire house is vacuumed.


Squats and household chores

When you are unloading your dishwasher or you are ironing your laundry, don’t just bend over. Instead, squat while grabbing a dish or a piece of clothing that you will iron. Straighten your back while you do the squats and hold this position for a few seconds. By doing squats you will tone your glute muscles and your body will become much more flexible.


Use the stairs multiple times

If your house has stairs, make sure to use them multiple times. Go up and down the stairs and this will definitely help you burn a lot of calories. You can even alternate between the chores on your second floor and the areas you must clean downstairs. This will definitely increase your heart rate and your body will be toned up in no time.


Clean your yard

If you need to take care of your garden this is a great opportunity for an outdoor workout. Mowing the lawn, scraping leaves and maintaining your garden are activities which will definitely help you tone your body.


Play your favourite jams

Music is a great way to make you pumped up and ready to tackle both the cleaning chores and the physical exercises. You can make your own playlist with songs that will get you in the mood for a work out. This way you will have much more fun while doing the chores.

Turning the house cleaning chores into your personal workout regime will help you have some fun while you do your regular cleaning routine. Put on your sporty gear and tackle every stain and train your body at the same time. You are guaranteed to burn some serious calories and take a proper care of your home. If you combine the cleaning chores with these few simple exercises, you won’t need to go to a gym anytime soon but you will definitely enjoy some great results for your body and mind.



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Jennifer is the owner of TWL Working Moms. She is a full time teacher, a mom & step mom, and NBCT Facilitator. Jennifer lives in Washington State and is a born + raised New Yorker. In her spare time, she loves traveling, yoga, the beach, writing, listening to books and drinking coffee.

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