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5 Beginner Exercise Complaints and What You Can Do About Them

Working out is challenging if you have never done it before. And it’s even harder to stick with it. As a result, beginner exercise complaints are common. Here are some solutions to the biggest.

Working out is challenging if you have never done it before. And it's even harder to stick with it. As a result, beginner exercise complaints are common. Here are some solutions to the biggest.

Strained Back or Spine

You will strain your back during almost all exercises. The severity depends on what you are doing. The first time you perform strenuous repetitions such as sit-ups and heavy lifting, you will experience back pain. For this reason, it is recommended that you wear the appropriate support. It is also possible for existing back problems to worsen. Yet the best mattresses for adjustable beds will be a big help for pain and spine pressure relief. Nevertheless, if you have severe back pain, you should not put extra pressure on the area and see your doctor ASAP.

Muscle Stiffness and Soreness

Muscle aches and pains are almost certain to accompany back pain. This is a normal reaction to exercise. It is not uncommon to experience muscle soreness. Still, you won’t experience it as often as you become accustomed to it. The pain might be severe if you have never exercised before after living a sedentary life. The key is not to give up and ignore the aches. Heat and cold are good ways to relieve muscle issues. Cold decreases swelling and inflammation by loosening tissues and encouraging blood flow, reducing pain and stiffness in overworked muscles.


Beginner Exercise Complaints Include Time

Sadly, many people quit working out before they even really begin. Around 70% of gym passes and gym equipment purchased each year are used only once and then discarded. This is a waste of money. Of course, work and life can get in the way. However, you can boost your motivation and drive by going to the gym or exercising at home when you have the time. Try deciding on a specific time on specific days, and stick to them no matter what. Unless there’s an emergency, of course. Even the busiest person can spare three hours per week.


Staying Motivated to Keep It Up

You may find it challenging to start a new exercise routine if you are not used to it. And just getting up in the morning can be difficult. Or as a parent, you also have responsibilities to your children, as well as home life. However, when you begin, motivation actually increases. The habit of following a routine encourages you to follow through. The physical movement itself helps your body use oxygen more efficiently and increases serotonin production. If you get through the initial stages, you will find yourself looking forward to workout sessions.


Not Knowing Diet Vs. Exercise

The average person starts a fad diet and slimming product hoping that it will work but ends up seeing no results and reverting to their old habits. In order to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you consume. However, to build muscle, you need to eat more. So your diet can become complex. Eating less fat is always a good thing. Nevertheless, a healthy body does require some fat. And it’s easy to remember what fats are good and what are bad. Fats that are liquid at room temperature (olive oil) are good for you. And solid fats such as lard are unhealthy.


You aren’t alone if you experience exercise issues. Some of the biggest include back and muscle strains and poor motivation. However, you can help with OTC relief for the pain.


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