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5 Indicators Your Child May Need Braces

As a parent, you will teach your child the importance of keeping their teeth and gums healthy. Whether it’s brushing twice a day, remembering to floss, or avoiding certain foods, even if your child is following the correct procedures and paying close attention to their oral health, this may not be enough. If your child’s teeth aren’t aligned correctly, this can cause an array of issues. Here are some warning signs that your child may need braces.

If your child’s teeth aren’t aligned correctly, this can cause an array of issues. Here are some warning signs that your child may need braces.

Jaw Misalignment

When the jaws aren’t aligned with each other properly, this can cause dental problems like biting the tongue or damaging teeth. Jaw misalignment needs early orthodontic intervention to correct it. Children should see their orthodontist as soon as problems are detected or when the primary teeth begin to appear. If you take them to see an orthodontist early and get an official diagnosis, this issue can be corrected by braces or jaw surgery.


Bite Issues

If you notice your child is having difficulty chewing their food, they could have a bite issue. One of the most common of these is an overbite. This is where the teeth protrude over the lower bite. You can look into overbite treatment from ALIGNERCO. They offer clear braces for overbite problems which can sort out the issue and properly align your child’s teeth. Having upper and lower teeth that do not align correctly can increase your child’s risk of tooth decay and gum disease, which means you need to get the problem sorted out sooner rather than later.


Crowded Teeth

When your child’s permanent teeth begin growing, there may not be enough room for them to grow correctly. Crowded teeth can make your child’s teeth turn sideways. This can result in your child developing a lisp or having discomfort when they chew food. If you believe your child has crowded teeth, now is the time to take action. They could benefit enormously from having braces which can properly align their teeth.


Breathing Through Mouth

For children who are mouth breathers, this can alter the shape of their faces. In many instances, the cause of mouth breathing is the failure of the tongue to rest against the roof of the mouth. Your child may develop a narrow jaw because there isn’t enough space for all their teeth. Mouth breathing is never good for one’s oral health. This can cause dry mouth, encourage bacterial growth, and snoring. Now is the time to consider getting braces for your child if they breathe through their mouth.


Prolonged Thumb Sucking

Normally, children should cease sucking their thumbs between 7 and 8 months of age. However, this can continue until they’re 4 years old or over. Prolonged thumb sucking causes your child’s front teeth to protrude outwardly. This is a sure sign that your child requires braces.

Most middle school kids you see today have braces. But, you may not know most dental issues begin as early as age seven. If any of the indicators above ring true for your child, this may be a sign that they need their teeth straightened.

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