8 Considerations When Buying Boys Shoes

Shoes are essential to the lives of small boys. They protect them from injuries, excess heat, and cold. Besides, shoes provide support and stability for boys’ feet.

Buying shoes for boys isn’t a walk in the park. It is true especially for young parents who have just started raising their kids. For that reason, they end up selecting the wrong shoes for their boys.

Find effective ways to identify the right shoes for your boys. To start with, here are essential factors to consider when purchasing boys shoes.

Find effective ways to identify the right shoes for your boys. To start with, here are essential factors to consider when purchasing boys shoes.

1. Size

Young boys grow at a very high rate. It means that the size of shoes you opted for last time for your boy might fit them today. That’s why you need to be very cautious regarding the size.

One of the ways to pick the correct shoe size for your boys is to measure their feet using a string. From there, visit the seller and try to fit your thread into different shoes until you get the right one.

Apart from that, you can ask your boys to accompany you to the seller. It allows them to physically fit the available shoes on their feet to help spot the correct size.

There are many reasons you should pick the correct shoe size for your boys. First, it helps prevent injuries. At the same time, the right size allows your boys to feel comfortable when using them.


2. Cost

Cost is another crucial factor to bear at the back of your mind when selecting shoes for your boys. It is the price attached to the various available shoes.

Many factors can affect the price of boys’ shoes. Some of these include quality, design, and brand. Consider purchasing shoes for boys that are within your budget.


3. Quality

Buying shoes for boys that are within your low budget is reasonable. However, it would be best if you didn’t compromise on their quality.  In most cases, high-quality shoes are expensive but they last longer if well maintained.

But at the same time, don’t use price as a metric to measure the quality of specific shoes. Some sellers can attach high prices to sub-standard shoes to make you believe that they’re of high quality. Before you pay, inspect them to ensure they’re of good quality.


4. Breathability

Most of your boys tend to sweat on their feet, especially during hot weather. That’s where the feature of breathability comes in. The fabric allows air and moisture to circulate within shoes.

Breathability helps maintain room temperature. It’s one of the best ways to avoid bacterial infections and smelly feet. The best material for breathability is leather.


5. Design

Various shoes come in different designs. For instance, some have heels while others don’t have. Find shoes with a design that matches your boys’ preferences. In addition to that, pick shoes that’ll work well with your boys’ weight, height, and color.


6. Purpose

The purpose is another factor to consider when choosing shoes for your boys. It involves defining why you need to buy shoes.

Different types of shoes are designed for boys for various purposes. For instance, the type of shoes for school might not be suitable for sports.

Depending on the function of using the shoes, make sure you find the right type. It allows your boys to look good and feel comfortable.


7. Referrals

You can also ensure you’re selecting the right shoes for your boys by asking for referrals. It involves talking to other parents and asking them to direct you to the shop they purchase their boys’ shoes. Most of them are honest and will always recommend you to the best seller.

However, you shouldn’t buy the shoes merely on referrals. Do your research to identify the best shoe sellers from your referral list.


8. Sellers Reputation

A seller’s reputation is another vital thing to consider when picking shoes for your boys. It is the opinion helped by other shoe buyers.

The best way to learn about sellers’ reputations is by visiting their website and other online platforms’ comment sections.

Consider buying shoes for your boys from a seller with a lot of positive feedback. Such a company is likely to provide high-quality shoes and services.

Apart from that, you may consider finding a shoe seller who provides warranties. It’s a written document that promises to exchange shoes if they fail to fit your boys. It is crucial, especially when purchasing shoes from an online store.

And even you buy shoes from a brick-and-mortar store, sometimes you might not get an opportunity to fit the shoes to your boys’ feet. Therefore, it may fail to match your boys after reaching home.  A warranty allows you to return the shoes to the seller to exchange for another one.



Picking the right shoes for petite boys isn’t easy. It is true, especially for your parents. If you’ve got small boys, you can consider the factors in this article when buying their shoes.


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