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How To Keep Your Active Boy Busy: Children’s Scooters

There are lots of fantastic kids’ scooters available on the internet at the moment. A scooter is a good choice because it provides a great amount of fun at very little cost. However, scooters do need to be selected with care. Personal injury attorneys have handled cases whereby children have been injured because of poor quality toys. If you are looking to buy a children’s scooter for your little boy, then you should definitely consider one of the following…



Mini Viking Scooter with 2 Rear Wheels

This children’s scooter features an innovative design and has been built with a focus on making your child’s experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. The scooter is red and features a silver footplate. What sets this scooter apart from the rest is the fact that it has three wheels; one big one at the front and two smaller ones at the back. This makes the scooter ideal for beginners because it provides extra stability.


Ben 10 Alien Force In Line Scooter

Ben 10 is soaring in popularity at the moment and if your little one is a fan then this scooter is ideal for him. The scooter boasts lime green handlebars and a dark blue frame. The footplate features images of Ben 10 and aliens from the show. The scooter can easily fold away if you need to store it. Moreover, it is worth noting that this toy is suited to children aged five years old and above.


Razor Black Label A Scooter

Another children’s scooter has a very sporty and sophisticated feel about it. The scooter is completely black in design and boasts transparent wheels in order to give it that stylish and quirky edge. This scooter has been designed with the performance factor in mind, meaning that you will notice a difference between this scooter and the standard ones available for purchase today. Because of this, this scooter is slightly more advanced. This means that it is only suited to children who are aged eight years old and above.

Photo by Craig Adderley from Pexels

Fireman Sam Firehose Tri Scooter

If your little boy is a fan of Fireman Sam then there is simply no better product on the market at the moment. The scooter itself is eye-catching in design and thus is bound to instantly grab the attention of your child. The scooter is a red but features splashes of bright yellow and a bold blue throughout. Your little one will love riding around on their new impressive toy. And what’s more, is that you can rest assured that they will be riding around safely. The scooter is designed to ensure safe play. In fact, it even features two wheels at the back rather than one so that children can maneuver with ease.


The best thing about this product is yet to be mentioned. The fun which can be had is simply monumental, but it doesn’t come from merely riding the scooter. The toy also boasts an exciting pump-action water-filled fire hose. This means that your child is well equipped to go around and save the day by putting out any fires. This water hose can be removed from the scooter as well so it is something that can be enjoyed on its own if your child wants to.


Razor Ultra Pro Lo Green

This is another scooter that is slightly more advanced, and thus this is again suited to children aged eight years old and above. The Razor Ultra Pro Lo Green is designed for the confident rider as it is the perfect scooter for those who like to perform a few stunts and tricks. In terms of appearance, the scooter is white, silver, green and black. This gives it the perfect blend between something sporty and sophisticated whilst still being fun and exciting.


Stunted – Stunt Scooter in Blue

This scooter is similar to the one previously mentioned in terms of purpose; a sophisticated scooter perfect for stunts. Nevertheless, the difference is that this scooter is obviously a lot cheaper. The design of this scooter is black and grey. The handlebars and the wheels are bold blue, and there is an image of a cartoon face on the footplate.


So there you have it: some of the greatest scooters available today!


This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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