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How to Help Babies Sleep with a Bedtime Keepsake 

Bedtime for toddlers is always a stressful time in our household. My daughter never wants to go to sleep and she will do anything to stay awake. Every night we have to find every specific thing that she needs in order to go to sleep.

Even though she has so many blankets, stuffed animals, binky’s, pillows, etc. – there are only a few items that she has actually kept with her every night when going to sleep. The must haves: 3 blankets, Elsa pillow, 2 bunnies for behind her head and now we are trying to replace the binky with something else that she can hold.

What is a good keepsake object that would be long lasting and soft enough for her to hold? We have tried a few different stuffed animals but they never made the cut.

Finn + Emma has a Rattle Buddy that my daughter has fallen in love with.

This Rattle Buddy is called River the Bear. It is hand knit and 100% G.O.T.S certified organic cotton. The inside is stuffed with sheep’s wool. It also has eco-friendly inks and dyes. The rattle buddy is fair trade and it was made in Peru. What an awesome description of a toy that I want with my daughter in her crib, next to her face while sleeping.

For my daughter, this is a great bedtime toy for her to have. It is hand knit so I know that it will withstand all of the other stuffed animals in her toddler bed now. It is also easy for her to feel out in her bed because the feel is different from her blankets as well as other stuffed animals. This helped us replace some of her binky’s with the rattly buddy because she was able to find this by feel without waking up and that was huge for us.

Finn + Emma has many more amazing pieces on their site, I would highly suggest checking them all out. They had so many amazing patterns for their clothing for both boys and girls. Check out the bestsellers page.


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