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An App to Find Mom Friends

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When they said there was an App for that – or an app for everything, they were really right!

A Tinder app to find Parenting and Mom Friends? What?! You heard me correctly. There is an app like Tinder but to find friends in your area that are parents! How amazing right? Can you even believe there is something like that? Since I had my daughter, I have been struggling to find mom friends, especially when I first had her, I was the only one in my group of friends who had a child and no one understood what it was like for me to be a parent. I had a really hard time staying friends with them due to their misconceptions of what my life was now like. I wished I could find some friends to talk to about parenting besides just my mom.

MomieGo is an app that helps couples who have kids find friends near where they live. Every mom lacks friends that have kids, and if you are a new, younger mommy, you definitely need this app! Being a new mom who had moved away from my friends and family, this app would have saved me! We tried so hard to make friends at the park or at music time classes, but nothing stuck. The struggle was seriously real! But the times have changed and we are so lucky to have this app! There are 75K active members already on this site – just waiting for you to sign up! Being a mom is hard and trying to make friends, not only just for you but for your husband too, is even harder. Using MomieGo, they will match you up with other parents who have similar interests and kids similar ages. That is impossible to do at the park or at daycare.





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Here are two testimonials from MomieGo members:

“I’ve always been a bit of a loner ever since I was a kid and have always had a hard time making friends. Once I got married I inherited some of my husband’s friends, but still struggled with having my own set of friends. When my daughter was born I found an even greater need to make some new “mom” friends and set out to find a way to do it. I tried local mommy groups on facebook and made some facebook friends but nothing more than that. I had heard of momiego through Facebook and was super excited to try it… but I had an android and they hadn’t released a version for it yet. So, a year later when we switched phone companies I got an IPhone… I needed it for work, but secretly really wanted it so I could use the momiego app. Momiego was the very first app that I installed and started swiping right (don’t swipe left unless u don’t want to me the person, I learned that the hard way. I got married before tinder so the whole swiping thing was new to me). I met a couple of moms and became Facebook friends but still really nothing more than that… But I refused to give up! There are always new moms popping up on the app so I just kept checking it and swiping right and a week or so later I had some luck. A girl named Kayla had just moved here from Iowa and she popped up on the app. I swiped right and we started talking. We set a play date at the zoo for that week and have been best friends ever since. My life has changed more in the last couple of months than I could have ever dreamed. Kayla and I talk every single day, our girls are best friends, and our husbands even like each other. I don’t know how to thank you for creating this app… You truly answered my prayers! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! ” Marie W. Sacramento, CA

“I am so happy I found this amazing app. MomieGo has really helped me to make some good friends at an important time in my life. Now my son and I go on play dates once or twice every week. Not only the mommas have fun but also our babies! It’s a perfect combo!” Sarah W. Glendale, CA


Sound amazing? Need some mommy friends? Click here to download the app! They have it for  iPhones and coming in JANUARY – Android! If you are an Android mom, join the waiting list and be one of the first moms to get the app when it comes out in January.

Join now with me and make new friends for the 2018 new year!



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