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Best Parental Control Apps for Your Kid’s Phone Safety

Today’s world is revolving across the digital assets used from handling the heavy industries to the prevention of crimes. What if these technologies can make our lives better by providing safe boundaries where our entire family can live happily without any trouble? The truth is you don’t have to wait for decades now. You can use incredible GPS enabled applications that are capable of providing real-time location, SOS signals, app statistics, and many more features. Using them, you can keep your whole family including kids safe through your smartphone. Here below are the best parental control apps, which can help you to serve better with the security aspects for your beloved ones.


Find My Kids

To begin, Find My Kids is considered as the best parental app as it provides all the features in one app. Do not worry that your kid has reached school or not. You will get an instant notification once they reach the destination whether it is school, home or any other location. Now you don’t need to make a call every time.


find my kids app

Even, you can easily get the location history of previous days. It also shows the path they have adopted. All the nearby activities can be recorded for security reasons. So that if the child is not picking up the call, you can check their activities. A complete report of daily activities is prepared.


Google Family Link for parents

As we all know, no one can build a better Android app than Google. To fulfill the demands of parents for their security, Google has come up with the child tracking app. You can check it out with the Google Family Link app for kid monitoring.

It allows you to track the kids and you can monitor their mobile activities. App blocking, app monitoring facilities are available. You do not need to worry about the installation of unwanted apps.

monitor your child's app

Screen monitoring is the best part as you can lock the screen without informing them. You can view their online activities. It can be used for a kid or a teenager.


Nintendo Switch Parental Controls

Another great way to use parental controls is through the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo application is basically for the kid’s entertainment. Along with the entertainment, it also works a parental control app. It is helpful in securing the kids. You can check the history of the game played by the child.

Also, you can restrict unsafe or unwanted games for the kids. The purchasing limit can be also be restricted to avoid the wastage of money.

mariokart app

Qustodio Parental Control

Along with other parental control apps, we have a great monitoring one for you. It is a complete package including all the features required by the parents. You can track the location of the child along with the previous visiting history. Also, you are allowed to check the limiting mobile usage, app monitoring, call monitoring and blocking.

what it looks like when the website is blocked

And it features the SOS button which provides instant location notification if the child is in danger. After setting the restrictions, it will automatically block the unsafe app. Simply download this app on your smartphone and start securing your kid.


Kids Zone Parental Control

This application allows you to set two modes. One is for parents and the other one is the kid zone. You can activate the kid zone and can allow limited apps to download. Like other apps, you can block the calls, messages, click on the ads and can prevent internet using limit.

kid zone

In this zone, kids cannot uninstall any app from the mobile and also they are able not to get any paid app. Children cannot change the settings of the device by themselves. This app has a feature to create a separate profile for each kid. Parents are allowed to answer calls coming on the kid’s phone.


Kids Launcher with Parental Control

Finally, kid launcher app is specially designed to stop the kids from accessing unsafe websites and apps. Live location tracking is similar to other parental applications. You can perform all this remotely by installing a second mobile application.

kid launcher custom start screen

You can set the time limit for using the app and only selected apps will appear on the screen for them to use. Calls, SMS can be monitored and blocked without informing kids. Time scheduling is also available in it. It has the only problem that sometimes to exit the kid zone, you need to restart the system.

In the end, using these applications is not a complex task. All you need is to download the app on the supported devices including the ones to whom you want to track. 


This post contains affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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