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The Best Time to Take Newborn Photos

By the time the baby is finally home it can still feel like your head is spinning from what the last few months of your life have been like. As you can imagine, there’s still going to be little time to rest but that’s all part of the fun, isn’t it? Among everything else, for those truly looking to get newborn photos, it shouldn’t be a surprise there’s quite a small window to do it in. If you’re looking for recommendations, there’s a newborn photographer in NYC area. You can reach out to this newborn photoshoot agency simply by clicking the link.

Of course, your newborn baby is going to be a newborn for longer than 2 weeks but that timeframe is when you’ll want to get the photos done. That’s because the younger they are, the more likely they are to naturally pose as if they are still in the womb. That might sound easy enough, but here’s just a little more information to make sure all happens as you hope.

Best time to take newborn photos:

When Is It Safe?

It’s great if you are thinking with this mindset already but there’s not much to worry about here. As long as you and the baby are happy and healthy, then there’s not much else to worry about. Don’t expect any regulations from the newborn photographer or the hospital, but never forget who the subject is.

There are sure to be surprised with a newborn around so don’t expect picture day to be any different. While getting the photos taken, of course, keep normal precautions in mind for safety for your peace of mind as well as the photographers. If the baby is feeling sick at all, you wouldn’t want that to show in the photos, so always consider the baby first.

How About The Hospital?

Conventional wisdom says to get newborn photos done as soon as possible but this is the one place where it might be too soon. Having newborn photos taken before you are even discharged isn’t really going to be fair to anyone involved. It’s easy to understand the want to get them done, to make sure they do happen as soon as possible, but the baby isn’t going to be quite ready for a moment in the spotlight just yet.

Planning for something like this isn’t quite fair to the hospital either. Everyone is going to take a few personal photos while they are still in the hospital, as everyone should, but making the plans for an entire photoshoot is something completely different. It’s not fair to ask that of the nurses and other staff and hospitals aren’t known for their lighting so you might not even get the photos you’d be hoping for there.

What About As Soon As Everyone Is Home?

An eagerness is a good thing here, generally, but having the photographer ready to go as soon as you arrive home might not be the great idea that it sounds like. Think about the days leading up to the delivery and the immediate days afterwards. Keeping the house nice, tidy, and photoshoot ready probably wasn’t at the top of your to-do list.

Making your way to a studio, once everyone feels up to it, is what’s going to give you the photos you imagined and ones you’ll cherish throughout the rest of your life. Having them done at home might sound like a good idea but waiting to get into the closed environment of a studio will likely be a better idea in the end.

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