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What you Need to Know about C-Panty for C-Section Recovery

Having an emergency c-section doesn’t give you much time to research or make choices what’s about to happen to you. I knew what a c-section was but had no idea the amount of pain I would endure for weeks after. Unreal. But like I said,  I had no choice and I never thought it was an option. …. clearly first time mom here!!

I was in the hospital 4 days and by the time it was time to leave I wasn’t ready!!! I could barely walk- they cut open my skin and stapled it back together – seriously – I was not ok.

But off I go. To my house that had 2 huge sets of stairs, both unavoidable – one to my bedroom and the other to laundry. Ugh!

Thank god I had help because trying to carry a child up and down stairs while still dying in pain from my c-section, well I was quite certain I was going to die.

I was in serious pain and trying not to become addicted to pain medication, so I started to take less and less but the pain was so much. All my clothes would hit the area of the c-section and like serious, relentless pain. Awful. I needed something ! But I didn’t know what.

I researched on google, how to help a c-section heal or how to stop the pain from a c-section.  It took a while but I found the product C-Panty.

As looking deeper into the product, I saw this:

-Speeds c-section recovery

-Heal faster & improve c-scar

-shrinks uterus

-reduces swelling

-slims post baby belly


Why you need this

I mean seeing all of those words were like heaven had just arrived on a platter. I quickly bought it and waited. It came pretty fast in the mail and oh my goodness was I excited.

So c-panty is like a girdle except with underwear attached. It keeps your stomach and stitches and all that in place, enabling you to walk. Now the only problem I had was that when I took it off I thought I would die. So I never wanted to take it off. I ended up buying like 2-3 more because I literally wore it all day every single day.

I would say for about 1.5 months I wore it every single day. And it seriously did its job.  I don’t know if I would confirm that it helped me shrink my uterus ? But I can confirm that I was able to walk and be like a normal person within the week of having a c section which without it, I really doubt that would have been possible.

I suggest if you ever have a c-section to invest in c-panty immediately. Like now !!!!! It is seriously a life saver. You will thank me.  

Watch the video:




Click here to buy this:



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