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10 Creative Kid’s Shared Bedroom Ideas

Modern kids are undoubtedly a load of work, and if you have to decorate their bedroom, it might be tedious than you ever imagined. While figuring out how best you can translate their imagination into something beautiful that pleases them, you also want to ensure that you are doing the right thing to make the best of the small space you have. Small spaces are the most difficult to decorate, as you would want to ensure that there is still enough space for ventilation and to play. However, allowing a kid’s shared bedroom helps you save space and could also benefit the kids in the long run. You could take a cue from green eco office to make the space environment-friendly, to be more appealing.

If you feel overwhelmed by the thought of decorating a creative shared bedroom for your kids, this article is for you, as it points out ideas that could be helpful.




Bunk Up Without the Bulk

Bunk beds have always been an option to help manage space, but you can explore your creativity with it and create something out of the norm. The bunk bed doesn’t necessarily have to be linked together and easily moved; it could be built-in with a slim frame and be more appealing.


Heads Together

Try joining two beds at the top region in the corner of the room, thereby forming an L shape. This will save you lots of space to explore more creative ideas.


Dog town

You can also get inspiration from your kids’ favorite movies. Dog town is an example of a theme you can use to decorate the room. This will make them happier than ever, and they would always love to spend more time in the room.


A Toy Story

A Toy Story themed bedroom similar to Andy’s room from the movie could make your kids excited. Imagine them waking up to their favorite characters on the walls and on their bedspreads. What’s more exciting? Choose the best wall art to help you get the right vibe.


Changeable Art Gallery

Simply get thrift frames and paint them into your kid’s color of choice and hang them on the wall. This will be a great way for them to hang their random artworks and change them at intervals. Apart from the beauty, it gives to the room, it also encourages your child’s creativity and helps them paint more artworks to hang on the forums.


Closet Bunk

Closet bunk is a very creative way to save a lot of space. You don’t need all the closet space for your kid, so you could transform a part of it into a mini bunkroom and leave the underneath part of the bank to keep some other items.


Chalky Goodness

This room allows a black-painted wall, to give your kids the chance to write, draw, and learn with a chalkboard. Kids try to write everywhere, especially when they are just learning to write and they could inscribe things on your walls and chairs. To avoid this, the chalkboard could be a great go-to option in your kid’s bedroom.


Split Personalities

Although it is a shared room, you could also allow some privacy between your kids, especially if both are different personalities. This bedroom idea creates two distinct zones that allow each kid to rule their own space.


Space-saving Wall, Desk

You don’t necessarily need a full desk when you can have one inbuilt in the wall. This will allow your kids to do their homework and their arts and crafts without taking the entire bedroom space.


Double Day Bed

This is similar to the “Heads Together” that forms an L shape in the corner. If you don’t like the idea of corner beds, this could serve as an alternative, especially if you have a long wall-length. Simply place both beds together to form a straight wall-length day bed.



Kids love beautiful and creative spaces, and it is left to you to give them that much-desired space. This could help build their creativity, encourage them to spend more time in their room with the other sibling or even to sleep. It could also be a time of learning, especially with themed bedrooms with things to learn. Be it an adult or a child, everyone loves a spacious and creative bedroom that helps them relax while helping them think better and ease the stress of their minds.


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