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The Meaning Behind Diamonds on Engagement Rings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friends, they say. But it’s not just the girls who are attracted to these precious gems. There are many varying reasons why people consider the diamond as a dear treasure. Investors are looking at diamonds for their value, collectors for their rarity, brides for their prestige among other precious stones. Most interestingly, for their magical properties.


The Legend Of The Origin Of The Diamond

Have you heard the legend on how diamonds came about? It tells of the story of the God of Mines who found all the gems known in the world in varying colors and hardness. So, taking one of each gem, he crushed and combined them to create the diamond. A gem that combines the beauty of all the crushed precious stones. Amazingly, the invulnerable diamond, which appears pure, displays the spectrum of colors of the gems it was created from when a ray of light passes through it. By this legend alone we are given a preview of the value of diamonds. And we’re not even talking about the value of Argyle Pink pieces yet. The Argyle pink diamonds are considered beyond rare and command an extremely steep price.


Other Tales Of The Magical Diamond

In many legends and tales, we see diamonds associated with the divine, whether as intermediaries or as indicators of their presence and favor. There are many beliefs that put diamond, the “king of gems,” at a pedestal. In fact, George Kunz, a famous mineralogist, gave a diamond to an old knight. He cited its brilliant and resistant properties and it made them both emblems of “fearlessness and invincibility.” In fact, diamonds are said to have powers to protect its wearer. It gives courage and to make the wearer daring.  A popular choice for talismans that are intended to make the wearer invincible.

Diamonds are renowned for their remarkable ability to draw in energies from the environment. This means that it can be a virtuous piece of gem or it can also hold prodigious curses. For example, during the Middle Ages, a diamond worn in a ring was considered an antidote for all poisons. But, there is also a dark side to diamond’s popularity at the time. It was considered as one of the deadliest substances known to man at that time if it was ingested.  A number of victims have reportedly died from swallowing powdered diamond.


Views of diamonds

In addition to its prestigious rank among all other precious stones, many views continue to foster the magical properties associated to diamonds.  In turn, this makes the diamonds more desirable and highly valued. For example, in the eastern world, the diamond is believed to possess the power of bringing good fortune. It is also said to possess magic that provokes spiritual ecstasy.


The Stone Of Love

Above all these legends and beliefs, one belief has surely made the diamond the favorite gem for engagement rings. That is the acceptance of diamonds as a gem indicative of love and fidelity. A quick look at https://www.diamondjewellerystudio.com.au/ will show you how majority of engagement rings bear the stone that symbolize love.


Final thoughts

Not only are diamonds traditional ornaments for engagement and wedding rings, it is also the official precious stone that commemorates wedding anniversaries. The important anniversaries such as the tenth and the sixtieth year. This is very apt considering that diamonds are also believed as the gem of reconciliation. The power to boost the love of a husband for his wife helps you push through to that sixtieth anniversary.



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