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5 Different Types of Kratom Strains and Their Effects

Kratom has been taking over the world at a rapid speed. Pain relief, energy boost, mood enhancement, and stress reduction are just some of the benefits Kratom users can experience, which caused its worldwide popularity.

Whether you’re a regular Kratom user or simply someone interested in trying it out, mood rite Kratom for sale online is something you’ll indeed find interesting.

With all kinds of Kratom products going on sale, now you can purchase Kratom goods that would have been too expensive otherwise. So, this is the perfect chance to grab some fantastic products at cost-effective prices.

If you’re not sure which products to go with, this article might be of help.

Different forms of Kratom products

When shopping for Kratom, the first step is to decide what kind of Kratom product you’re looking for. Namely, Kratom comes in various forms, which is why you need to determine which type of Kratom product fits your lifestyle best.

The oldest way of consuming Kratom is in the form of tea. Natives sun-dried and pounded the Kratom leaves until they turned into a powder they could mix with the boiling water. Today’s technology allows for many other options. Still, powder remains to be a favorite among many Kratom users.

All Kratom products could be divided into two categories – edibles and smokables.

When it comes to edibles, people can choose from a variety of products – powder, capsules, tablets, tinctures, extracts, and so on. Since all of these products are administered orally, they go through the entire digestive system before the Kratom reaches the bloodstream. Although you might wait up to two hours before starting to feel the effects kicking in, they tend to last for several hours straight.

Smokables, on the other hand, work differently. Some people prefer smoking or vaping their Kratom, which grants a faster effect. Through inhalation, the Kratom can reach your brain cells and bloodstream much quicker, but the results tend to last shorter too.


Top 5 Kratom products

It doesn’t matter which form of product you choose. Whether you decide on edibles or smokables, they’ll all provide you with more-or-less similar effects. However, the strain you choose will determine what kind of effects you’ll experience. Here you can find the top five ones.

White Maeng Da

Maeng Da is without a doubt the most famous Kratom strain on the market. It’s also one of the most powerful ones, which is why it’s not recommended for beginners. Maeng Da is mainly cultivated in Thailand, where it originated. There are three types of this strain – green, red, and white.

White Maeng Da is widely loved and used by experienced users. As the most potent option, White Maeng Da equips its users with enhanced energy and improved focus.

White Indo

White Indo is another potent strain with beneficial properties. Because of its high alkaloid content, White Indo is famous for being a great mood enhancer. Typically, white strains with such a high alkaloid content aren’t ideal for pain relief, but that’s not the case with White Indo.

That makes it a perfect Kratom strain for multiple purposes. Whether you’re looking for potent mood-enhancing or pain-relieving properties, White Indo is what you must try out.

Red Bali

Named after an Asian island where it’s mainly cultivated, the Red Bali strain provides intense relaxation to its users. Therefore, this isn’t a strain that will energize you in the morning – it’s perfect for evening use as it effectively alleviates insomnia symptoms. If you’ve been struggling with irregular sleep cycles, Red Bali might help you resolve this issue.

If you take Red Bali in low doses, it will simply alleviate any discomfort you’re experiencing and help you relax.

Red Borneo

However, if you’re looking for a strain whose effects focus on pain and discomfort relief, Red Borneo is a strain you must try out. The effects of Red Borneo can last for hours, which makes it an ideal choice for everyone suffering from chronic pain.

Muscle inflammation, arthritis, and fibromyalgia are just some of the common conditions people effectively resolve with Red Borneo. Soon enough, the pain will disappear, and you’ll breeze through all your daily activities.

Green Malay

Finally, Green Malay provides the balance of all the effects mentioned above. Mood enhancement, relaxation, pain relief, and energy boost are part of the entire Green Malay experience.

All green vein stairs are known for their long-lasting effects, and the same goes for Green Malay. After the consumption, you can expect the effects to last even up to 6 hours. Moreover, you can control the potency by increasing or decreasing the dosage.


There is no good or bad product when it comes to Kratom. The unique combination of strains and dosages will give the users incredible effects, so it’s best to experiment and try different things out. That’s the only way to find your ultimate Kratom product. Therefore, use this opportunity to purchase some products at excellent prices.

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