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5 Easy Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Your home might be looking nice following your spring clean but what if you’ve become a little bit bored with the color scheme of the arrangements. You might need a home makeover but don’t want to go all out this year. You can compromise and still lift your spirits this summer with some of the top tips below.

It's time to spruce up to get your home ready for summer! Changing out the darks for lights, here are the best tips of the season.


Are you a lover of the great outdoors and the rustic life? If so you might be interested in Cottagecore styles for your home this summer. Cottagecore developed as a style in the 2010s and has since grown in popularity not only with its original audience but with other generations too.

To give your home a rustic feel this summer and start moving in the direction of cottage core culture, introduce some worn wooden furniture that you can find at thrift stores and online. You might also want to invest in patterned curtains and upholstery.



If there are two unique interior decor style in the world it has to be Japanese and Scandanavian. When you put these together they become Japandi, but this isn’t just a recent internet trend. The communication between these two cultures has been close over the centuries – they share a lot of similarities.


The characteristic of these styles is pared down and linear, they also use plain colors and wooden pieces where possible to give a rustic feel. To introduce this style to your home this summer invest in plain colors for the wall and hang plain curtains on a wooden rail. You can also shop for linear furniture pieces.


Mirrored Furniture

Mirrored furniture is something of an unknown trend that hasn’t attracted too much attention yet. But it soon will and with all the benefits it offers it makes sense to get ahead of the curve and invest in some pieces before your friends and neighbors.


Mirrored furniture fits into any room of any style, that is because it reflects its surroundings allowing you full control and flexibility over your interior design. Mirrored furniture also gives the illusion of more space and reflect light brightening up the room. Examples of mirrored furniture include mirrored dining tables, mirrored units, mirrored bedside cabinets, mirrored drawers, mirrored cupboards, and mirrored glass coffee tables.

Earth Tones

Summer is all about the great outdoors, the hills and valleys, the blue skies, the ocean waves. All of this speaks to earth tones which are a great way to bring some of the summer into your home and launch a style in your home that lasts.


Earth tones include the colors brown, green, yellow, and red, although various in-between shades create better exactness in your home’s color scheme. Earth tones complement and contract one another very well, they also blend well with a variety of styles.

calming colors for a room

Color Pops

If color is really your thing then you will love color pops. This is one great way to bring some creative spirit into your home this summer and liven things up. Choose a color theme for the season, perhaps one of the earth tones above, and buy items for your home based around this theme – it gives you certain creative control over your seasonal makeover.



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