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7 Easy Ways for a Mom to Put Herself First

As we busy mom’s know, it can be difficult to take time away from your littles to do anything for yourself.  Heck, some days I can hardly find time to floss my teeth without being interrupted and pulled away. We mom’s lead hectic lives, always taking care of others before ourselves.  This article will provide some ideas for busy moms to put themselves first. Sometimes as mom’s, we need to invest in ourselves too. You are thinking, “yeah right, invest in myself, I can’t even get a good night’s sleep!”

I used to believe that too until I recognized that I cannot be a super mom if I don’t invest in myself too.  Giving myself to my children 100% meant that they weren’t getting the best mom they could have.  I realized that I would be teaching them bad behaviors by neglecting myself. I was failing to grow as a person and I quickly made a change, and I hope you do too.

Recently I took a flight with my two-year-old, it was his first flight.  We were taking him to Disney World! The flight attendant made a point to stop by my seat and remind me that in the case of an emergency I should first put on my own oxygen mask before tending to my little guy.  I think that is a great analogy for all moms.



You can’t take care of others unless you first take care of yourself.

I want to accomplish two things with this post.  First, I want to give you permission, from one mom to another, to take a little time just for yourself.  Invest in yourself and you can improve both your family’s and your own happiness and well-being. Second, I want to give you some ideas on how you can meaningfully invest in yourself while taking the least time away from your littles who mean so much to you! Here are a few tips and ideas, both large and small, that can positively affect your body and mind.


Workout 5 days per week

This is my thing. I never work out and wonder with guilt what I could have been doing with that time.  However, I do feel guilty if I take a night off from working out. I want to be alive and healthy as long as I can possibly be for my children.  Now my kids are working out with me and learning that it is a part of our daily routine. I am teaching them to care for their bodies at an early age, doesn’t every mom want their children to learn that?   You wouldn’t miss brushing your teeth for the day, why miss the opportunity to stay strong, able, and healthy for your family!

Super Mom Tip: As a busy mom, I find it is easiest to work out in the mornings before the kids are awake and wanting my attention.  Morning workouts are easier said than done! Here are some tips for making morning workouts happen.


Commit to reading a few books each year

As a mom, I have always struggled to find time to read.   When I do read, I read to gain knowledge, improve our family’s lives, and set a good example for my kids.  It’s apparent to me that reading can lower stress levels. One idea is to decide on a few books at the beginning of the year that you plan to read.  Post them on a note on the refrigerator and cross them out as you finish them.  

Super Mom Tip: Here is a curated list of books I recommend for moms that I posted over at supermompicks.com.  There are many books on this list that will change your life and your family’s life in meaningful ways.

Photo by Alex Gállego from Pexels

Learn 1 new thing every day (and write it down)

Commit to documenting for an entire year, one thing that you learned that day.  When you change your mindset from just being, to intentional being, then you open your mind for growth.  These can be little things. Maybe you learned how to use keyboard shortcuts to copy and paste today, maybe you learned that if you wake up 10 mins earlier you won’t be in a rush, making the start of your day stressful.  Some days your learning will be huge! Like the time I figured out if I didn’t start paying attention to what I put in my mouth I would become diabetic. At the end of a year, you will have 365 new things you have learned that will be fun to reflect on and share with your friends and family.  Passing on knowledge is a gift, start giving! 


Super Mom Tip:  I find an easy way to learn new things without taking too much time away from my littles is by listening to podcasts.  My favorite time to listen is when I am in the car on my commute to work. I download a few podcasts on my phone each week that have topics that I’m interested in learning more about.  I always have a few ready to listen to whenever and wherever I have a chance.


Go back to school or just take a class

Even if you already have an education maybe you want to learn a new skill, go back and take a class.  Maybe you want to retire young and become an adjunct professor, or maybe you have always wanted to take that photography class so you can learn how to use your fancy camera.  This investment can cost more than the others, but it can also increase your cash flow. There is no investment with higher returns than investing in yourself.


Get pampered on the regular

This could be a trip to the spa once a month for a massage or if you are lucky you may have a partner that can work out your kinks.   Massage is great for flushing toxins, increasing blood flow and overall health. If you are working out 30 minutes per day, you deserve this!  If massage isn’t your thing, pedicures, manicures, acupuncture, facials, or even a bath with essential oils is a good way to improve your mental and physical well being.  You will be rejuvenated and ready to take on the world again the next day!

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

Floss your teeth

OK, I made a joke earlier about not having time to floss, but what an easy way to take care of yourself.  This one will only cost you a few minutes per day, but it will be so worth it. Did you know that dental hygiene is so important to your health?  A body that needs to fight infection puts a strain on your heart. If you live with poor hygiene you are putting your health at unnecessary risk. According to the CDC, 50% of adults over the age of 30 have signs of gum disease!  If your gums bleed a little when you floss, then you need to floss more often! There are so many other benefits like; lower dental bills, fresher breath, a lifetime of having your teeth, and my favorite, no more harassment about not flossing at your regular dentist appointment!



It can be difficult to take time away from your littles to do anything for yourself.  I want to give you permission to invest in yourself so that you can be the best mom you can be for your littles.  Remember, you can’t take care of others unless you first take care of yourself.



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