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Fashionable Teething Bracelet by Nuby 

Did you know that you could wear your child’s teething ring as a fashionable item? This is something I had no clue about. I always thinking teething ring and I think the plastic bubbles with ice in them that are in a circle that you stick in the freezer and keep doing that over and over. That is my idea of a teething ring.

Recently I was told that there were other options than just the ice circle. This was total news to me. I put teething and ice together and didn’t think there were other options. I was wrong. There are items that mom’s can wear that babies can teeth on! How smart?! Teething rings are like pacifiers – you always need them but you can never find them.

Nuby created a teething ring called Teething Trends Beaded Bracelet. With this bracelet you are able to wear it with a fashion purpose. It can go easily around your wrist and can go nicely with many different outfits. This bracelet is also available in grey.

The fact that you can wear it on your wrist means that you always have it with you! How awesome it that? It isn’t a big bulky bracelet either. It fits nicely with your clothes and doesn’t feel out of place.

The teething bracelet is made of soft, textured surfaces which is perfect for teething. It is also BPA free which makes me feel great.

If you are just in love with this product like I am and your child is teething, make sure you visit Babies R Us to find it. If you are going to baby shower soon, this would be an amazing gift for a new mom. New mom’s never hear about these amazing products until after it’s too late! Are bracelets not your style? They have necklaces! Here it out on Amazon.


Do you want to see more amazing baby products? Check out Nuby’s sites:






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