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Gigi Hadid: Street Style Is Screaming

How can you be rock like Gigi Hadid? Simple: not exceeding ever with accessories and preferring a style simple and casual which never goes out of fashion. Don’t believe us? See it to believe it.

Gigi Hadid has much to teach in terms of look and also when it goes to the street to walk only features of the street style, simple and absolutely to be copied!

Gigi Hadid sexy and casual in New York

To walk in the streets of Soho, in New York, Gigi Hadid chose a simple, sporty look, but that is really at the top. Jeans, white blouse, black boots, knee-length, cap “NASA” and orange sweatshirt, the beautiful model draws upon the prying eyes of passers-by and the flash of photographers. Sunglasses cover the face, and the walk is confident and determined, just like on the catwalk. Gigi Hadid is known for her incredible looks that features every red carpet and at every social event. Also in her daily life, she always adopts very simple outfits, like any girl of her age. In short, despite being one of the best-paid top models of the world, Gigi could easily pass for the girl next door. The one that ask for the coffee and sugar when you are missing home: and this is precisely one of the sides that make Gigi Hadid one of the most attractive models that we have today in the glossy world of fashion.

Source: instagram.com

Source: instagram.com


Passion for simplicity

Passion for fashion by Gigi Hadid goes well beyond the simple model for the runway. The model has recently been renewed for two more years the contract with the brand Tommy Hilfiger, which will draw other collections besides the one presented in Milan, TOMMYXGIGI. Also from his passion for this brand (for whom he worked for years now) was born her casual and sporty look. Tommy Hilfiger, in fact, relies entirely on the look of a daily thought for girls who love street style (of course with a touch of glam), and that do not like too much lace, frills and ruffles. Gigi Hadid, who, off the red carpet, she often wears jeans and Henley shirts like all the girls of this world. A little different is the taste of his sister Bella Hadid, who prefers, instead, outfit, sensual, and provocative, revealing the forms and centimeters of skin in abundance – so much so, that often comes across in a pleasant (to others) sexy accidents.

Gigi space

Gigi Hadid has just made a photo-shoot and this is really impressive: photographed by the artist Mariano Vivanco, she posed with the designer dresses from different designers, Saint Laurent, Gucci, H&M are some of these) in a very special location. Gigi Hadid is depicted inside of a ship while navigating in the space, wearing dresses by the colors silver, and glittered, and on the Moon, with a delicate dress that recalls the colors of the planet. In short, Gigi Hadid is able to switch from street style to the astronaut suit, and the result is super glam as always.

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