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A Gluten Free AND Vegan Snack for Mommies and Toddlers

Finding snacks that are healthy and taste good is not always an easy thing to do. Along with trying to find some food that is healthy that a toddler will like to eat is also very difficult to find. As a parent, sometimes you give into the demands of your children and usually they do not always ask for the healthiest snacks. I know that in my house, if I don’t provide only those healthy snacks, my daughter will only pick the unhealthy snacks if she sees them as an option.

Knowing my child, I know that I need to have health foods in my cabinets and fridge in order for her to be want to pick them. One snack that I recently found when going on a road trip was  gluten free and vegan mini cookie box. I decided to bring them with us because road trips always promote junk food eating since you are on the go, but this time I was prepared.

has created mini cookies that are both gluten free and vegan and believe it or not, taste amazing! I tried 3 different flavors and each one was better than the other! My daughter and I had to really portion out which ones we were going to eat because I almost did not want to share they were so tasty. Who said they had to be just for kids?! I need some healthy snacks too!


Just a few more amazing points about this snack that I know is worth mentioning:

-Food is free from top 8 allergens

-No artificial colors

-No preservatives

-No flavors

-Soy free

-Egg free

-Dairy Free

-Nut Free


Do you know how hard it is to find a product that has all of those things not even remotely involved in the ingredients? It’s pretty difficult. There are of cookies and it is worth it to try it out.


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