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6 Tips to Create an Ideal Sleeping Environment For Baby

The more sleep your baby gets, the more sleep you will get, right? So, if you’re currently feeling sleep-deprived because your little one has been keeping you awake at night, now might be the time to make a few changes. From color scheme to mattress type, we will discuss some of the things you might want to replace in this article.

On the other hand, if you are currently expecting, then you will no doubt be aware that sleep can be an issue, especially in the first few months of your child’s life. You are probably in the process of planning a nursery and purchasing everything that should be in place within one, so to ensure you and your baby get off to a restful start, you might want to consider what you can do to give your baby the best sleeping environment possible. Again, we have some ideas within this article.

So, no matter what your personal situation is, we will suggest a few ideas to you in this article to help you when creating the ideal sleeping environment for your little one. Hopefully, you will then get a better night’s sleep, and your baby will too!

In this article we'll help you create the ideal sleeping environment for your little one. Hopefully, you and baby will then get a better night's sleep!


#1: Choose the best mattress

Choosing the right mattress for your baby is important, not only for sleeping purposes but for safety reasons too. It needs to be comfortable yet firm, so it both keeps its shape well and provides optimum comfort for your little one. It also needs to be free of any harmful toxins that could affect the health of your baby.

So, take your time when choosing a mattress for your child’s crib space. Consider the pros and cons of an organic crib mattress and research potentially better alternatives. And look for reviews online from other moms, as you should be able to determine what has worked for some, and what hasn’t worked for others.


#2: Block out the light

In the same way that you might struggle to sleep when light is shining through your windows, so too will your baby. So, in your attempts to create the best sleeping environment for your little one, try to shield them from too many light sources, especially if the nursery is in a room that gains a lot of light from the sun or street lamps outside.

Blackout blinds are a good idea, although you might be able to DIY something for the window if you are trying to save money. Of course, the room doesn’t need to be completely dark, as you will want to navigate your little one’s room without disturbing them. Your baby might also take comfort from a little bit of light. So, block out the light from outside as much as you can, but consider purchasing a baby night light for the benefit of both of you.


#3: Tune out background noise

Any sudden noise can wake your baby from his slumber, and the constant noise from outside or inside the house can also affect their sleeping patterns. Therefore, it’s important to find ways to limit the amount of sound your child can hear. Naturally, you should do what is necessary to maintain a quiet house. You might also look at ways of sound-proofing your child’s room. However, another way to help your child to sleep is to tune out background noise with the aid of a white noise machine. These can evoke those sounds that your child experienced in the womb and can provide a sense of calm and relaxation for your little one. Follow our previous link for a pick of the best currently available.


#4: Control the temperature

Babies can become stressed and uncomfortable when they are too hot or too cold, and this can affect their ability to sleep. Experts suggest anywhere between 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal temperature, so adjust your thermostat accordingly, and when choosing a baby monitor, be sure to buy one that has a temperature checking facility. Of course, you should also use your common sense. Don’t over swaddle your baby in clothes when they are sleeping, and add or take away layers according to the overall temperature of the day. Check their temperature too, as a touch to the skin will alert you as to how hot or cold they might be.

creating the perfect sleep environment for baby
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#5: Choose calming colors

Some parents decorate their baby’s room with bright, extravagant colors and designs, but this can have an effect on their child’s ability to sleep. So, as you would in your own room, pick calming colors instead, as these are less likely to overstimulate your baby, and are more conducive to a peaceful and relaxed state. To help you choose the right colors, use this guide when thinking about what shades to use in your baby’s nursery, and go easy on the cartoony designs, no matter how tempted you are to let your inner artist go to work.


#6: Clear your child’s space

If your child’s sleeping area is littered with toys and other items, they might become overstimulated when trying to sleep, and they might wake up thinking it’s time to play! So, to make life easier for both yourself and your baby, remove anything that might prove to be a distraction. We are talking about those toys that are spread about your child’s nursery, and any other toys that are in your child’s crib. In terms of this latter point, not only should you remove toys from the crib for sleeping purposes, but you should do so for your child’s safety too. As the article at Babycenter explains, any doll or stuffed toy in the crib could cause your little one harm, including the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, so keep their sleeping space as free of objects as possible.




As a new mom, you need all the rest you can get. And in your baby’s first few exhausting months of life, they need to get as much sleep as they can too. So, follow our suggestions when creating your child’s sleeping environment, as both you and they should then benefit from the extra sleep received as a consequence.



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  1. Do the color really matter? Never thought of that before. Thanks for this tip, will read the guide! We have white walls with decor on the wall behind the crib – is this ok?
    For now I used tips for newborns from Susan Urban’s book How to teach a baby to fall asleep alone. It’s too early for the training yet but tips for first weeks seem to work great for us! 🙂

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