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How To Prioritize Your Health As A Busy Mom

A 2020 CNBC report revealed that about 9.8 million women in the US are chronically stressed, with over half of them dealing with daily burnout. Unfortunately, not many busy working moms take measures to alleviate the situation, jeopardizing their wellbeing. As a busy mom yourself, how do you prioritize your health? Moreover, do you commit time to attend to your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing? Read further for some information on how to do this.

Being busy really puts your health go to the end of the line of things to get done. Here's some tips of how to prioritize your health.

Take control of your health

Another great way to prioritize your health is to take control of it. Many times we let our business get in the way of staying healthy and we need to make sure that doesn’t happen. Usually we don’t actually start worrying about our health until something is wrong! It’s time to start being proactive and getting ahead of things that could happen.

One place to start is with your bones and joints. Ostinol is a great way to do this. Ostinol Insta Joint helps support your body’s ability to grow new cartilage tissue for additional nutrients to nourish and lubricate. This is really important to start when you are a little younger so that way it can help you in the future. What it does is helps support the body’s ability to grow new, healthy cartilage tissue and promotes a healthy immune response for ultimate joint comfort. It is all natural, safe and effective, along with being non-GMO, gluten free and grain free.

When looking for ways to prioritize your health, taking control of it before it gets control of you is key. Starting with your bones and joints is the right place.

Disclaimer: While people with severe joint conditions have reported great response with our products, Ostinol is a natural supplement and cannot encourage discussion that would imply treating, preventing, or curing any disease.

Ostinol Insta Joint

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Prioritize quality sleep

If you ever thought missing hours of sleep (regularly) is your trump card for catching up with undone chores and duties, you thought wrong. The human body is created to repair itself during sleep. For example, collagen maintains or improves skin elasticity and is produced when you sleep. Without it, the skin develops a dry look which quickens the wrinkling process.


Therefore, no matter how many anti-wrinkle skin creams you apply, your skin will fail to look healthy without deliberate quality sleep. Additionally, it would help if you sleep to help other cells in your body regenerate and repair themselves. Even more, your brain needs some time off to compartmentalize recorded memory, which can only happen when you sleep. Therefore, how many hours of sleep is good enough? In response to this question, the National Sleep Foundation says a healthy adult (regardless of gender) needs between seven and nine hours of uninterrupted sleep.


Do you sleep that many hours often? Better yet, do you have a sleep disorder? Sometimes, all you need is a calming agent to relax your nerves and help you sleep better. Check out juna-world.com for detailed information on how to improve your sleep. As you check these alternatives, include relaxing activities such as yoga in your nightly routine.

make sleep a priority

Maintain yearly medical appointments

A yearly medical appointment is critical for taking better care of yourself. However, if you find a year too much of a stretch, you may consider going twice yearly. Admittedly, it can be pretty easy to forget about your medical appointment when there is so much to tackle every day. But, hopefully, as you read further, you will see the need to maintain these medical appointments as a way to keep an eye on your general wellbeing.


The CDC reports that women aged twenty-five and over must have yearly screening for cervical cancer. Although the American Cancer Society says the introduction of pap smears significantly reduced cervical cancer deaths, the group has projected that 14,480 new cases will be diagnosed this year. Even worse, society has further projected that about 4,290 women are likely to die in 2021 from undiagnosed and advanced-stage cervical cancer. For these reasons, it will be best to get checked.


Furthermore, other medical tests you must be interested in are mammogram screening, dental checks, diabetes, bone density, and cholesterol. These are medical conditions that tend to creep up in women. For example, due to hormonal fluctuations associated with menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause, women find themselves at the receiving end of these health conditions. The caveat here, though, is to maintain regular yearly medical appointments to have your peace of mind.


Learn to ask and accept help from others

Sometimes, it can be difficult to ask others for help. In the same vein, accepting help from others who offer becomes a problem too. Indeed, it may not necessarily be a problem of knowing how to ask or accept help. Instead, your difficulty can be stemming from a misconception you have about help. Asking for a hand is not an indication of helplessness.


On a positive note, it is more to do with acknowledging the importance of self-care. To put it more bluntly, you cannot constantly do everything by yourself without risking your health. Delegate tasks to trusted colleagues, relatives, or friends as you take a breather from an overloaded schedule.


Know what you can and can’t control

The first sign of mental stress is when you fail to separate things within your control from those that aren’t. Indeed, it is impossible to steer the outcome of every situation. But, when you attempt to do so, you might develop disturbing obsessive-compulsive disorder behaviors. To avoid falling into this abyss, you will find it helpful to make a mental note of everything beyond your control. The secret to doing this is to stay within your limits and allow things outside your control to unfold.


In conclusion, always place yourself first, as it is the only way you can handle your busy schedules and ever-increasing responsibilities. Hopefully, this article will contribute in some way to your journey to prioritize your health.



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