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4 Ways Moms Can Make Instagram Better Using a Letter Board

Letter boards are one of the biggest hits on Instagram recently and have been changing the way that moms are posting on their Instagram feed. Being a mom blogger, it is important to make sure you are including all social media into your media plan and then finding ways to increase your audience and engage, engage, engage.

Engagement on Instagram is crucial if you are looking to turn your mom blog into a business and grow your audience in order to become a brand ambassador, sponsored blog writer, and sponsored posts on Instagram. Brands are not only looking at how many followers you have, but they are also looking at home many likes you get on each picture, especially the sponsored ones, but then the deal breaker is the engagement. How many comments do you have on your posts? If you have hundreds of likes but no engagement, brands already know that you are in Like Pods and some are hand picking their sponsored posts based on that alone. It does vary for every brand, but it is important to make sure you are keeping up all angles of your Instagram just in case.

How can you make your Instagram better as a mom blogger?

Are you looking to make your Instagram better? We have a some great tips about how to use a letter board to make your IG better.


One way is to determine an Instagram color palette. Once you have determined the color scheme of your Instagram, then you can start targeting every picture towards that color. My color on my Instagram is pink.



Picking your niche helps you figure out what to put in your pictures. Are they looking for products? Do they want to see quotes? Are you showcasing your mom life? Do some research on top bloggers in your niche and look at their feeds. What pictures get the most engagement? Use this as a baseline for what your pictures should start to look like.


Letter Boards

Letter Boards are meant to help Instagrammers get their words across in pictures in a cute, neat way. If you are looking to clean up your posts, a letter board is the way to go. Below are examples of ways to use your letter board in your posts. Felt Like Sharing have a ton of different color boards that you can match with your new color palette.


Instagram growth service.

Reaching your target audience on Instagram can sometimes be the hardest part. Services like Growthoid are designed to help users find, target and engage with their niche audience in an organic way. They help scale up your efforts to grow followers in a safe way, so that you can spend more time on your blog. Check out Growthoid reviews to see if its the right service for your Instagram.


Telegram is your best friend

If you are a mom blogger, you have had an invite to a Telegram pod before, but could not deal with another version of social media. I was the same way. However, I must admit, that using Telegram over some Instagram groups I had been in, my engagement and likes have gone up drastically just from putting a little bit more effort into a Telegram group. Do your research and make sure to find one Telegram pod that is in your niche and start participating.


Need some inspiration for your Instagram feed? Letter Boards are a great tool that works will all 5 tips listed above. They can help work with your new color palette. They can also help engagement with your target audience.


Great Quotes

Everyone loves quotes, especially if they a great background to go with it. The more eye-catching the picture is, the more people are likely to like or comment on the photo or even repost it. Having the right background with each of the pictures and lighting is the perfect way to grab your audience. Depending on what is in your picture, make sure to partner it with the same hashtags. Hashtags are



Relationship Announcements

Super fun ways to announce relationships or announce when they are over!



Random Announcements

Not only can you announce births, birthdays, holidays, relationships, etc. you can announce that you got a letter board! You can announce that you need coffee and it’s Sunday. Whatever you want, as long as you have a good item that does in the background or along the side of the image. This draws the eye to the photo even more because moms can relate to that image.



Perfect For Food

Letter boards are perfect to describe food that is in your image. Whether it be a new recipe, a smoothie, ice cream, dish that the hubby made, a letter board can describe what it is so that it is seem visually before your audience needs to read the caption. It can help draw readers into clicking over to your blog and getting the recipe.



Click here to get your Letter Board now!


this is a sponsored post in exchange for an honest review. all photos are property of Felt Like Sharing. please visit my disclaimer page for more information.

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