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Knee Pads for Cross Fit: Types and the Best Models

Street, gloves, and all those unusual sports … At this point, you’re probably wondering how many accessories are needed to practice this sport. Do not worry, it’s all normal. As we will explain below, you do not need to buy them all the first week you go through the box. But you will see that each of them fulfills a certain function and helps you from different perspectives to achieve your goals.

In the case at hand, these are included in the training to give extra support, to protect you from possible injuries and, above all, to increase strength at times when weight lifting is performed. To give some examples, using these accessories is great when you spend 75% of maximum weight when doing squat overhead, back or front (including all movements when weightlifting).


That is when your body has to support extreme loads, it is more than advisable to use these supplements so that your knees give the most of themselves. This is because of the blood supply in the area increases, while pain and swelling in the knee decrease. All this leads you to train in optimal conditions and achieve the goals that you mark in your WODs.

Crossfit hinged kneepads can be bought when you have been practicing this sport for a while. The first weeks you will not lift any weights so big that you need extra protection. In addition, it is important that the joints are strengthened as they are doing the muscles that surround them.

Consequently, if you get these accessories from the first week or if you use them for absolutely all your workouts, this strengthening process may not happen as it should.


Types of Knee Pads: The Best Models

Knee Pads

The differences in this accessory are based, fundamentally, on the material and the level of compression. Based on these two variables, we can find knee braces made out of neoprene (providing heat and prevent further injury thanks to its average level of compression) and Tape (high compression and perfect for extreme surveys).

Now that you understand their fundamental differences, we are going to go into the most well-known brands and go into further details to help you to find an ideal model.


Vive Hinged Knee Brace

Vive Hinged Knee Brace

For most of the athletes, these are the ones that have better value for money. They are made of neoprene and provide the right amount of compression and heat needed by the joint.

This generates a feeling of comfort and, at the same time, a better response of the area to the efforts required by certain exercises. In addition, to adapt to all kinds of circumstances, you can find them and similar models in different thicknesses:

– 3 mm: it offers a lot of freedom of movement and stability.

– 5 mm: allows greater compression, support, and warmth.

– 7 mm: special for large weight lifting.



Rocktape Crossfit Knee Braces

Rocktape Crossfit Knee Braces

Rocktape is one of the first brands that created sports knee pads specifically for this sport. It is necessary to emphasize the great variety of designs that it possesses. This is the reason why they can even be an aesthetically attractive accessory.

Although the vast majority are sleeves (you can see many models at Amazon), you can also find some thicker ones that guarantee a greater sense of support (like these Rock Tape Kneecaps made of neoprene).


RDX Knee Pads

RDX Knee Pads

We speak of a relatively cheap model for CrossFit knee pads. They are perfect for those who are starting with these accessories and want to keep trying. They can also be ideal for those people who still do not spend much of their WODs doing strength exercises and simply want to incorporate a reinforcement to their joints.

Some of these models (like this one that you can see here ) are perfect to prevent future injuries thanks to its triple locking system that guarantees greater support. Other models have spiral-shaped linings that eliminate excess sweat to prevent skin problems and odor.


Other Models to Highlight

We give you more options to choose just the accessory that best suits your type of training:

Sable compression kneepads: they have a comfortable and breathable fabric, as well as an even distribution of pressure over the different areas of the knee.

Spartan Strength: thanks to its 7 mm thickness and its solid balance are perfect for weight exercises.

Maximum Fitness: like the previous model, they are 7 mm, so they are ideal for weightlifting.

Upfist: made of elastic and non-slip fabric, these Upfist are incredibly comfortable and safe.


Final thoughts

Now you know why it is important to use these accessories during your exercises, how it can help your joints and the different options you have in the market. What do you have left? Put yourself to work and make the CrossFit knee brace an important accessory for your WODs. You will love it!


This post is sponsored and may contain affiliate links and I may receive a commission, at no additional cost to you, should you purchase through one of my links. Please see my disclosure for more information.

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