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Reusable Baby Items: Prepare Them for Secondhand Use

Are you finished having babies? If so, you’re probably overrun with baby items baby items that take up a ton of your space. You could just throw everything away, but it is even better to sell items, give them to friends, or donate. This means less waste and cheaper items for people that may not be able to afford them otherwise.

Here are a few of the best reusable baby items and how to prep them for secondhand use:



Shopping Cart Car Seat Holder

If you have a shopping cart car seat holder it will probably have gotten a lot of great use over the years. Before you decide to sell it or give it away, be sure to clean it up, and make sure everything is all together. There’s nothing worse than getting dirty hand-me-downs. Hopefully, though, it’ll mostly be spot cleaning since the holders are extremely durable. This makes it a great item to pass along!


Front Baby Carrier

You have probably put some great mileage on your front baby carrier. So, before you give it away, it is important to make sure it isn’t worn and is still sturdy to hold another baby. Many people are looking for carriers secondhand since they are one of the best items to have when you have a new baby, but new parents may not have the extra money to purchase it.


Baby Swing

Swings are fantastic items to sell or give away. They can help ease baby to sleep, and they are often very expensive. Many people will be looking to buy them secondhand. To start, make sure the locking mechanism and (if it has them) sound effects are still in working order. Then remove the seat cover and wash it, if possible. Most swings come apart into several pieces. So, carefully disassemble the swing, and keep a zipper bag close for any screws that you removed. The swing won’t work without all of the right parts and screws. So, be sure to double-check that you have everything before you sell or donate your baby swing.


Baby Monitor

Baby monitors come in a variety of choices. The two major categories are sound only and camera and sound systems. So, there might be multiple pieces to collect and clean. Make sure you have all chargers, adapters, and cameras. Wipe everything down with a microfiber cloth, and clean off any dust or fingerprints. Make sure you package everything together (bonus points if you still have the original box). If the monitor is hooked into your WiFi, see if there is a way to reset the monitoring system so it no longer attaches to your WiFi and no longer has any information about your family.

Getting rid of baby items can be very emotional, but it often helps to know that someone else will get good use out of your secondhand items.


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