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Simple Practices of Self-love and Care for the Weary Mom

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Do you know why airline attendants instruct you to put your own oxygen mask on before your child’s? That is because taking care of YOU is vital to your own health, happiness and well-being.

As moms we make it our goal to give our families the best. We want them to have the best memories, the best vacations, we want our homes to look a certain way, we want their playdates to be magical. Personally, I also want my career to be something I love, I want my side projects to be amazing and all that is fine, if we remember that we cannot pour from an empty cup. We must realize we do not need to be super women to be successful and it is okay to ask for and receive help when needed. We can learn to see our mistakes and weaknesses as things that make us human, relatable and oh so loveable.

Self-love and care is the lifelong practice of taking care of ourselves, loving ourselves and honoring our mind, body and soul. Some might even call it a divine responsibility and a way to rediscover who we are.

Every family is different, but you must find time daily to nourish yourself nutritionally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Decide what works for you and your family, maybe its 15 minutes a day or one evening a week.

For all that you do, Mama, and all that you are, here are five simple tips on loving yourself to fullness.

  • Eat for fuel, not for comfort. Wouldn’t it be a luxury to have enough energy to get through our to-do lists? Start with a healthy breakfast. Did you know eating breakfast helps to maintain a healthy weight? Oatmeal, hardboiled eggs, yogurt and fresh fruit are simple ideas to add into your morning routine. Look for lean proteins such as chicken, fish or turkey and try adding an extra serving of veggies with lunch or dinner. Are you hydrated? Water is life, you know.
  • You’ve got to move it, move it. We must move our bodies for our own health. Find an exercise you love to do and commit to it. I love kickboxing, as it helps to release tension. I also love bike riding because I enjoy being outdoors, but often I just walk. I started walking thirty minutes a few times a week because it’s an excellent, low impact exercise. Check out a local yoga class or maybe you want a water aerobics class. The idea is to find the time to physically care and maintain your body. There are so many benefits to being fit, aside from looking and feeling great, it prevents so many diseases, like diabetes, heart disease, fights obesity, strengthens lungs and heart and is also good for the bones. As mamas we want to stay active and healthy especially if we are running households and working.
  • Its all in your head! As moms, we wear many hats. Stay at home mom, corporate mom, entrepreneur mom, PTA mom, chef, house cleaner, nurse and everything in-between; are you leaving any space in your head just for you? I’ve recently committed to reading one book a month. I’d retreat to my cozy corner of the sofa with tea and read. Sure, there was probably something else I could have been doing for the house, but I chose to commit to reading. Its fulfills my desire for continued learning, its enjoyable, peaceful and inspiring. This activity can be anything that stimulates your mind, could be an online course, a new hobby or maybe it’s a coffee break with girlfriends. How will you choose to stay in-tune with your own mental stimulation?
  • The heart wants what it wants. #RELATIONSHIPGOALS. Far too many times the needs of the kids come before our own. They can even come between you and your partner, but that doesn’t make our needs any less important. Physical touch is a key element in our intimate relationships. Did you know a twenty second hug releases the bonding hormone and neurotransmitter oxytocin which is nature’s antidepressant and anti-anxiety hormone? When was the last time you had a twenty second hug? Emotional and physical needs are best met when we clearly communicate with our partner how to best love us. There is a great book on this subject called The Five Love Languages and its on our list to read! Us mamas also have needs outside our marriage/partnerships. Be sure to surround yourself with friends and family who love you and encourage you to be your best. Protect your heart and mind from negative relationships, drama and gossip. Can you say frenemy?
  • Mama, you are out of this world! We all have a longing to feel that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Everyone has a place in their heart that can only be touched by their spiritual beliefs. Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or Jewish or practice any other religious philosophy or none at all, there is a sense that something or someone more powerful than us is out there in the heavens or the universe. Simple practices on your journey to fulfillment or enlightenment can include prayer, meditation or visualization. Spirituality is not limited to a single religious belief system or prayer directed toward any particular deity. Burning incense and listening to guided meditation may work for some while someone else may take comfort in praying or reading from their bible to get closer to their source. Find what works for you and practice your beliefs peacefully and lovingly. You will fill a sense of calm, peace and happiness that you can achieve nowhere else.


We only get one life to live and no one is responsible for our happiness except us. We love and care for many, we have more responsibilities any one mama should handle on her own and we have society telling us all the ways we should look and feel. That’s enough to tangle the cape of the strongest woman you know. Make yourself a priority. If you aren’t at your best, how can you give your family your best? Self-love and care reflects self-worth and mama, YOU are worth it!


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Dani Rodriguez, is an App Developer and Founder of the #RiseANDShine encouragement app for women. When she is not loving on her husband or three children you can find her in a corporate office or working on future projects. www.riseandshineapp.co

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