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Smart Home Decor: Top 6

Are you always looking for new designs for your home? Companies are now making the change to turning their products into Smart products. Technology has become such a huge part of our lives, it’s hard to picture some things not being there. Adding in smart products into the home does not need to be a big and bulky item either. You would be amazed with how easy to use and beautiful these products have become! Here are so amazing Smart products that have been making their way into homes and are worth checking out.


Smart Frames

One of the most recently up and coming items that have made their way into homes is the Smart Frame. My family bought one for my grandparents so that they could see all the grandkids at all times. You are able to program it, anyone can add pictures to it and they update instantly. This was such an amazing thing for them to have especially since we live so far from them and now they can see pictures of my daughter that came up right from that very day! How amazing is that!?


Transparent Aroma Diffuser

Have you heard of this before? It is pretty amazing. It lights up a room, has a really amazing water feature inside of it as well as putting off a great smell. It has LED lights in it as well. Put your essentials oils in the diffuser and have your air be humidified in your house.


Eight Smart Mattress

A mattress that connects to your phone. The technology cover connects to your phone and it analyzes your sleep so you know how often you are waking up etc. The most amazing thing about this mattress is that it is temperature controlled. My god – what I would not do for that! It can also turn off your lights, brew your coffee, and set an alarm for you. Wow is all I have to say.


Netamo Personal Weather Station

When I first found this I thought it was something that would just tell you the weather. However, that is not the case. There are so many more things that the weather station does. It controls your humidity in your house. It monitors the sound level in your house and compensates when its too loud. It makes sure that the inside of your house is the right temperature during night and day.


Curvilux Night Stand

This is the first smart night stand. It is easy to assemble and affordable. It has an audio system, a wireless charger, sunrise mode alarm, a night light which it motion activated. Pretty amazing stuff right here.


Phillips Hue Lighting 

There are so many items from light bulbs to light controls. Not only do they help with saving energy, they help with having motion sensors and dimmer switches. Pretty amazing just for lighting on this website!


How did we live without all of these smart products before? Companies keep coming up with more and more ways to essentially make our lives easier as well as keeping us in a healthier state as well. Bringing smart items into your home as decor can help you stay more organized and have some really cool pieces inside your home.



Featured Photo by Autumn Studio on Unsplash

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