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SOL: Rio de Janeiro & The Vacation Partner from Hell

Guys, I cannot tell you how beautiful Brazil is! It is amazing and wonderful and truly a different world it is. What I can tell you – the person I chose to go with – god awful. Like seriously, I would have been better going alone or visiting a prison, because that is how much fun it was. If you could just imagine the emoji’s that I should have included next to that and the curse words I should have written in here instead. But I wanted to share some of my adventure to South America with a person that should never be allowed to leave the United States.

It was my birthday trip, 2013. A guy I was seeing said he would come! He paid for the hotel and his plane ticket,  I paid for mine. It was an easy flight booking from JFK and we had a super long flight, but we made it.

In Rio in March it’s warm and muggy. We stayed on the Copa Cabana beach. It was real nice.

I must say that this trip was probably a mistake to begin with, since we were barely dating and he liked me a lot more than I did him. But in retrospect, I did like him but just not as much as he liked me. He was nice, cute, and wanted to do things with me. I just didn’t want to date him , which I had told him prior to vacation and he was totally fine with. Apparently that was only in North America.

After being broken-hearted many times, it kind of turns you into a cold-hearted bitch – which is what you could have potentially described me as back in 2013.

But the trip still went on- there was no way I could pass up a trip to Brazil, especially since I had a travel partner. I would make it work. 

However – I forgot that I had no cell phone service so it was just the two of us day in and day out. And the only thing he wanted to talk about was if we were going to be together and if I liked him as much as he liked me.

There just gets to a certain point after saying “yes” like over 100x to the same exact thing that sarcasm and rudeness comes out of its hiding place in me and reveals itself. After an 18hr flight and 2 non stop days of being asked the same question and not talking about anything else, I was beginning to lose it ! At that point I don’t think I could have liked him at all if I had tried very, very hard. He was seriously so annoying. The only time he would stop talking was to sleep. And even in sleep he was annoying. A sleep clinger! This was seriously out of my league.

At one point on my birthday, we went to see the statue. It was amazing and to make it even better, we hadn’t talked at all that day.


I thought the day would get better but then we went out to dinner and the talked started again. By now it’s been four days and I am sick of it. If you had wanted me to like you more, talking about it everyday all day was NOT HELPING. I finally told him how I really felt, with an alcohol knocking down my keep everything from word vomiting shield and there it was. The ugly disgusting truth. Most people can’t handle the truth, he was one that could not handle the truth. Some parts I can’t remember because I blocked them out but I know we walked like 2 miles in the rain back to the hotel for no reason. Damn alcohol !

We left thenect day. We got on the plane to leave and we did not speak to each other and luckily sat in separate seats.

In the end, we saw some beautiful things. When we got home, we did not continue to talk anymore. That was the end of our very short, super needy relationship.

Looking back, I feel bad that I took him up on the offer, however it led me to meeting my husband when we came back the very next week and it taught me to stop being such a mean girl and actually date someone.


I hope you enjoyed my story.
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  1. I love your story! Seriously funny and those pictures?! Amazing! Who knew the sky could be so blue. Life works in mysterious ways. Glad you found true love after all!!

  2. Glad you were able to appreciate Brazil even if you were with the wrong person. Maybe this is a country to return to when you have the right guy. Loved your pics.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Glad you were able to see the beauty of Brazil even though your traveling companion was the pits.

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