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3 Super Simple Ways To Adding Style To Your Living Room

The pandemic has triggered a sharp increase in DIY and paint sales, with many of us deciding that it’s high time to freshen up our decor. If you’re tired of looking at the same four walls, or it’s been years since you painted your living room or invested in new accessories, here are some simple ways to add serious style to your interiors.

Need a little splash of color in your life? Here are some super simple ways for adding style and a little color into your living room!

Create a focal point

When you open the door and walk into your living room, what catches your eye first? If you don’t have a focal point, or the statement piece you bought years ago has lost its shine, there are several ideas to consider. For a romantic, boutique hotel vibe with a touch of opulence and decadence, you could add an ornate chandelier from Sogni di Cristallo.

For a minimalist, Scandinavian feel, look for an eye-catching couch or a cool, contemporary armchair. If you’re a fan of the rustic look, make a feature of your fireplace with a roaring open fire and a solid beam mantle or a wood-burner. Opt for a style that suits your personality, as well as the room. Creating a focal point is a great way to transform a space without undertaking hours of DIY and painting.


Alter your color palette

Changing the colorway or adding flashes of color is an excellent way to freshen up your interiors without breaking the bank or devoting hours to decorating. Before you decide on a shade or colorway, compare different options and think about how you want the room to look, how much natural light floods the space and how you plan to use the area. For small, dark rooms, it’s best to avoid being too bold.

Lighter tones will create the illusion of bigger, brighter spaces. It’s also beneficial to match the color to the mood of the room. Stick to neutrals, pastel tones and soothing shades of blue, green or purple for tranquil spaces, such as bedrooms. In the living room, you can afford to be bolder if this suits your style. If you love color, but you don’t want to paint every wall, opt for a statement wall using a bright color or printed wallpaper or keep the walls neutral and use accessories and soft furnishings to inject interest.

The tones you choose will depend on the styles you like most. From understated monochrome or gray and yellow for contemporary, minimalist spaces to jewel tones for Art Deco styling and blush and gold for romantic rooms, there’s something to suit everyone.

color pallet for painting


Accessorizing is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to create beautiful rooms in your home. Buying new accessories enables you to experiment with new trends, add color and mix and match styles to create a unique space that is personal to you. In the living room, you can use lamps, soft furnishings, plant pots, wall art, vases and candle holders to create a homely ambiance and showcase your style and flair. From sunburst mirrors and retro framed prints to oversized indoor lanterns and marble plant pots, adding a few simple touches can help you elevate the aesthetic to the next level.



Is your living room more bland than beguiling? If you’re preparing to embark upon a mini makeover, take these tips on board to oversee a stress-free, budget-friendly transformation.


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