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5 Ways To Lead a Generous Life

Generosity helps to shape our world, but it doesn’t just have to relate to what we can give to others materially. There are in fact an abundance of ways to help give happiness to others while boosting your own self-confidence. Regardless of your income, here are five ways to practice leading a generous life. 

Generosity helps to shape our world. Regardless of your income, here are five ways to practice leading a generous life. 

Use Generous Words to Others 

Be generous with the words that you speak to others. Our words have the monumental power to encourage others to face their fears, strive harder to reach their goals, or to reaffirm their past and present achievements. For example, you can try complimenting those close to you, reminding someone what they mean to you, or even giving the gift of honesty to help someone move forward. Similarly, being open and honest about your own shortcomings can let others know that they are not alone. Your words don’t have to be life changing – it could be as simple as telling a delivery driver or checkout assistant to enjoy the rest of their day! 


Be Generous To Yourself 

Choosing to live generously doesn’t necessarily have to mean neglecting your own wellbeing. In truth, generosity can start with the way that you consistently treat yourself! If we’re feeling burnt out, unmotivated, and tired, we’ll of course be less likely to want to practice generosity to others. Remember to take care of your needs when you’re feeling stressed, and regularly take time to recognize your own achievements. Above all, being kind to yourself and being grateful for what and who you have in your life will inspire you to give happiness to others. 


Help Those In Need 

Choosing to spend time with those who are in need can be one of the greatest acts of generosity that we can share. Take time to listen, ask questions, and put others first. Whether it be through visiting elderly relatives, volunteering, or even researching online health degrees to help kickstart a career in helping others, dividing your time to be present with those in need can help us to slow down and be grateful for what we have. 


Be Generous With Your Time 

The fast-paced world we live in makes it seem like there is never enough time to make a difference in the world outside of our careers. However, if you approach time with a sense of generosity, you can begin to prioritize where it needs to be spent. Try looking at your schedule for the week ahead with a generous spring in your step, for example, making time for coffee with a shy work colleague to break them out of their shell, or devoting your weekend for a rewarding charity run with friends. 


Create Connections With Others 

Whether it’s in friendship, business or any other social area in life, everybody has the capability to connect people and grow their own personal support network. For example, connecting two people in similar career paths by email who you think could work well professionally together, supporting local businesses, or reaching out to people on social media who need recommendations. 



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