What Teachers Really Do on Week Breaks

Teachers Really Do on Week Breaks. Everyone thinks it’s so great to be a teacher because we have all this time off and we get to sit around and do nothing all that time.

Teachers often face a common misconception that their breaks are all about lounging on a tropical island or simply doing nothing. However, the reality is quite different, especially for teachers with children. In this article, we will explore what teachers truly do during their week breaks and shed light on the tasks and responsibilities they tackle during this time. From juggling doctor’s appointments to running errands and preparing for the future, teachers make the most of their breaks in various ways.

What a common misconception about the reality of a teacher. Especially teachers with kids.

What do most teachers do during a break in the middle of the year? One would always like to think to go to a tropical island and lying on the beach and drinking a pina colada right?  And sometimes that could be the case. But usually, it is doing all the things you are unable to accomplish during the week when you are working – doctor’s appointments.

Most people who work in an office can leave for an hour or two and go to these appointments or they can run those errands that they need to do so when it’s time to get off of work, they can just go home.  Unfortunately, that does not work the same for teachers. I could not ever leave during the day for an appointment during the day! I would have to find a person to cover my class and then write sub plans for what they should do with them if there is even a sub available. And I definitely couldn’t leave and then go back! That is not acceptable.

So here I sit this week off, when I wish I could be on a tropical island, I am sitting in doctor’s office after doctor’s office getting all my appointments in so that I don’t have to do it all over April break too! Literally all week long. Dentist for me, dentist for Hailey,  vet for my cat, other doctors for me, etc.

Ugh. Adulting!

How many doctors will you see over your break ?!

Teachers Really Do on Week Breaks

Balancing Personal Appointments

Unlike professionals who can conveniently schedule appointments during their work hours, teachers face unique challenges in finding time for personal appointments. Leaving during school hours requires finding a substitute teacher and meticulously planning lessons for the class. Even if a substitute is available, it is often not feasible for teachers to leave and return during the day. Consequently, week breaks become an opportune time for teachers to catch up on medical check-ups, dental visits, and other necessary appointments.

Professional Development and Curriculum Planning

Week breaks provide teachers with valuable time to enhance their professional skills and develop innovative teaching strategies. They attend workshops, seminars, and training sessions to stay updated with the latest educational practices. Additionally, teachers utilize this time to plan curriculum, create engaging lesson plans, and explore new teaching resources. By investing their week breaks in professional growth, teachers bring fresh ideas and approaches to their classrooms, benefiting their students in the long run.

Rejuvenation and Self-Care

Teaching can be demanding, both physically and emotionally, leaving teachers in need of self-care and rejuvenation. Week breaks offer teachers a chance to recharge and nurture their well-being. They engage in activities that bring them joy, such as pursuing hobbies, spending quality time with loved ones, or simply enjoying some solitude. By prioritizing self-care, teachers return to their classrooms with renewed energy and a positive mindset, benefiting both themselves and their students.


Contrary to popular belief, teachers do not spend their week breaks idly. They seize this time to accomplish essential tasks that are often difficult to manage during regular school days. From attending medical appointments to engaging in professional development activities and prioritizing self-care, teachers make the most of their breaks to ensure a well-balanced life. By understanding and appreciating the efforts teachers put into their personal and professional lives during week breaks, we can recognize their dedication and commitment to both their students and their own well-being.

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