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Follow These 6 YouTube Channels For a Healthier You

YouTube has become an impressive resource over the years. What started as a way for people to share their home movies online has become a sprawling website where you can find professional-quality videos on just about every topic you can think of. For instance, you could watch a video that shows you how to cut a chicken properly, or you could watch a coffee expert explain how to tell the difference between quality beans and the cheap stuff.

Naturally, these how-to videos also describe all the different ways you can live a healthier life, and you can find entire channels devoted to explaining how to improve your health in one way or another. The ones on this list can get you started, but there are a lot more where this came from.


The Domestic Geek

Sara Lynn Cauchon is a professional producer and TV show host, and right now she hosts the channel The Domestic Geek on YouTube. The videos on this channel focus on food, and they take viewers through all the steps of making some delicious, healthy, and homemade breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and desserts. Her playlists include holiday recipes, easy dinners you can cook up in no time, and meal ideas that start with takeout foods but use healthier ingredients and cooking methods.


The Health Nerd

The Health Nerd has a stick-figure avatar and posts videos about the science behind your health. This includes topics like weight loss and all the different diets you could try, but the Health Nerd also describes different exercise routines and how they help, the importance of sleep, and a rundown on how to read a nutrition label. The videos feature smooth and fast-paced animation, and they make a point of explaining the science behind the recommendations.



Amway sells a variety of products that include health and beauty products, and you can find more about them when you visit Amway’s channel on YouTube. Their health products center around the Nutrilite brand, the only supplement brand in the world that creates its pills and other products using only organic plants grown on Nutrilite-owned farms. The Amway channel has videos that explain the whole story of Nutrilite, what its products are, and how the brand starts at the farm and ends in your medicine cabinet.


What’s Up Moms

The What’s Up Moms channel on YouTube has videos that touch on topics that many mothers have to deal with. The channel updates with around one to three new videos every week, and the topics include “mom hacks” for dealing with chores and keeping kids happy, comedy skits and parody videos, how to save money, and how to come up with healthy recipes for the whole family. After all, if you have a big family you’ll want everyone in it to stay healthy and not just yourself.


Mind over Munch

The Mind over Munch channel is the creation of Alyssia Sheikh. The channel is all about nutrition and focuses on healthy, tasty recipes that are easy for a home cook to learn. Alyssia’s playlists include two-ingredient sweet treats, bento boxes full of healthy lunch ideas, low-carb and keto-diet recipes, and fancy beverages you can make at home. She also has a list of budget recipes for viewers who need to stretch each dollar as far as they can.


Lucy Wyndham-Read

While other channels focus on nutrition and meal plans, Lucy Wyndham-Read’s channel is all about women’s fitness and exercise routines. Just about every week, Lucy updates her channel with videos about seven-day challenges, easy exercises you can perform at home, and how-to videos that focus on the many issues that make women’s health challenging. Lucy also has a website with more information and e-books that offer even more ideas and advice.


A lot can affect your health. Your diet and workout routine are obvious, but even less obvious things like your stress level, your workload, and your nutrient balance can have a big effect. Fortunately, there are plenty of YouTube channels that offer advice, recipes, and more that will help you learn how to live a healthier life.


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