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Adding Accessories To Your Fall Fashion 

Every year it’s a struggle finding necklaces to go with my fall wardrobe. When looking at the current fashion trends for fall 2017, pinpointing a few different items that I can use Pinterest to find one like it and then purchase is key. Knowing the fashion sense for the fall is helpful when picking accessories to go with my clothes.

When researching the fall fashion for accessories, I found that chokers are making their way back into the fashion world. But not just any choker, the super fine choker. Another trend for necklaces was long necklaces with a single feather on it were still the fashion for this fall/winter.

Below are my top 3 favorites that I can add to many different outfits throughout the fall and winter. Each of these necklaces can be added to a tank top where you can add a sweater to it. They can also be added to a single color shirt, floral shirt, and any pattern shirt. It is nice to wear the choker necklace with a higher collar on the shirt or a v-neck.

1.  The Free To Fly Feather Necklace – $13.99

2. The Charming Hera Necklace – $11.99

3. Keep My Heart Choker Necklace -$11.99

Not only does Chizmiiz have many other necklaces but they have a few other accessories that you can use for your fall wardrobe: Scarves, Gloves, Sunglasses, Hair. Make sure to check them out for the fall – everything is a great price and you cannot go wrong!

Use this code for 15% off your order!!! Code: JENNI15

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  1. I love the ‘keep my heart’ choker, it’s so sweet and very me! Just off to take a look xx

  2. Necklaces make all the difference in the world! Love these especially #2 and great price points too! Thanks for the coupon code!

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