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10 Ways to Show Your Kids Love

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Hi friends! (I’m so thankful for an online community that blesses us with friendships.) I’m Elaine. A full time working momma of three girls. By day, I’m a speech pathologist, and by night. I’m a mom. And a wife:) My hubby works in college football, so I’m often solo parenting.  I blog over at The Welte Family blog, (www.theweltefamilyblog.blogspot.com) and I’m thrilled to be guest posting here today!

Being a girl mom is tons of fun. As you’d expect, our house is full of Barbie Dolls, American Girl, pink & purple, and a ton of hair bows. Our oldest daughter just turned 10, our middle is 6, and our baby is 4. It feels like yesterday that we were in the dirty work of parenting. Having toddlers, and a house that is always messy. Loosing tons of sleep, and it was just downright ugly at times. Now that the girls are older, I can see a fresh light and while things aren’t always pretty, there’s definitely a bright side, but life is still busy.

Through it all though, my main concern is making sure that my girls know they’re loved. They’re all individuals, and they all need my love expressed to them different. One daughter, craves one on one time, while the other thrives from us acknowledging her accomplishments and giving her praise, our youngest just wants to cuddle and be the baby.

There are many, many days where I feel like I’m failing as a parent, and juggling all of the balls we have in the air, but every once in a while, we try to really focus on showing our love to the girls, and today, I’m sharing 10 of our favorite ways to share our love.

We have Family Nights on Friday.

Our Fridays are reserved for pizza and a movie. Even during football season, when daddy is away, we try to make it a special night just for us girls, and this year, we carried the tradition on post season when daddy is home. It’s the one night that we’re all together as a family, with no distractions.

We Say Yes More

Saying ‘yes’ is crazy hard! We are busy, and we often don’t have time, but every once in a while (especially in the summer time) we try to say yes more than we say no. When we don’t have plans or are crazy busy, we might let the girls have ice cream for dinner, stay up later, or not clean their rooms. We may take them out for a fun activity, and just drop all of the “to do’s” on our list.

We’re Open & Honest

I’ve always tried to be open and honest with the girls, especially our oldest. We want to tell them what’s going on in the world, or about growth and development, but in a way that they can understand. I’m pretty matter of fact as it is, but I trust that they can handle some difficult information when it’s explained on their level. We want to include them and let them know what’s happening, whether it’s a personal family matter, a career change or move, or in the world around us.

We Let Them Know They’re A Part of the Family

This means that they’re included in big family discussions and decisions. It also means that they have chores and they know that they’re expected to help out around the house and be a team player.



We Have Date Nights

I try to schedule some one on one time with each of the girls and let them choose their special activity! It could be a movie, dinner at Chick Fil A, or getting their nails done.

We Tuck Them In At Night

My husband and I both spend time tucking the girls in each night. Of course, there’s nights when one of us misses out (he’s at the office after practices, or at recruiting events), but each of the girls get a book read to them, sometimes a special song, and a prayer. And sometimes, we’ll linger a little longer in one of the girls’ rooms just so they can have some extra time.

We Apologize

Sometimes as parents, we screw up. We break promises. We yell. We get stressed. And when we screw up, we apologize.

We Ask Them Questions

Most kids don’t naturally volunteer information about their day. Even though I work in the school, where my children are, I don’t always know what they’re doing. So, I ask. As soon as we get in the car, and we’re pulling away from school, I ask them about their day. What did they learn? Who did they play with at recess? Who did they eat lunch with? What was their favorite part of the day or the most difficult part? And, we don’t just ask them questions. We listen while they’re being answered.

We Give Praise

Now look, this one is hard. It’s super easy to see what your child is doing right, and extremely hard to look for the good. But, when our kiddos deserve praise, we give it to them. If they made a happy plate, cleaned up their dishes, put away their backpack, we praise them. We let them know about the good things they’re doing and how much we appreciate them.

We Say I Love You

We are never to busy to say a quick “I love you” before heading out the door, watching them run to their classrooms, or when we tuck them in bed at night. We have to tell our kids we love them, because sometimes we’re not so great at showing them.

What are some ways you show your kiddos that you love them? As we enter this month of Valentine’s day, we can reflect on how we’re showing our kids that we care. This month, I’m going to be placing a heart on their bedrooms door, and writing a positive affirmation, praise, or something that I just love about them. Each heart will be different, because each child is different. But, I can’t wait to surprise them and celebrate our love this month.


You can find Elaine on:

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Or her blog: www.theweltefamilyblog.blogspot.com


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