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3 Ways to Keep Your Home Cozy At Christmas

Christmas is the most festive time of the year, and for most of us, it’s a period we look forward to during the 11 month lead up. After all, it’s a time filled with food and presents and fun and plenty of good company, and it can be one of the happiest times of the year!


However, it’s also one of the coldest times of the year, and that can put a real damper on things. Even with the heating on, and wearing thick, fluffy socks, a chill can still be in the air! So we need to come up with some more ways to keep your home cozy throughout the Christmas period. And thankfully, we’ve got some ideas for you below.

So we need to come up with some more ways to keep your home cozy throughout the Christmas period. And thankfully, we’ve got some ideas for you below.

Layer Everything Up

If you want to be really cozy this Christmas, it’s time to break out all the blankets you’ve got! Make sure they’re everywhere in your home; on the sofa, wrapped around the armchairs, over the beds, and even just on ottomans and bureaus that are cold to the touch.


Blankets are a cheap and effective way to keep your home warm, both physically and to the eye. And remember, the more warm the place looks, the more inviting it is, and a soft blanket can turn any hard surface into a place to sit.


Get Your Systems Checked Now

Maybe the reason your home is so cold at Christmas is due to a fault? Without having an experienced eye, it can be hard to spot these, and those noises coming from the pipes could be anything! This may be driving you crazy, and if the noises persist even after wrapping the pipes in gauze, the problem may lay deeper. Which means now may be the right time to call in a heater repair service and see how your heating system is holding up against the weather outside.


There could be a crossed wire somewhere, or a frozen pipe elsewhere, and the entire system may need unblocking. And unless you’re totally confident, that’s not quite a job for your DIY skills! So get on the phone to a professional – winter tends to be a busy time for repair services, so making a decision soon could be the key to your cozy troubles this year.

cozy christmas at home

Trap the Heat

Trapping whatever heat is actually left in your home is key during the winter. You can do this via some proper cavity insulation, of course, but you can also do it with moving your furniture around.


Even just pulling the sofa or the bookshelf away from the wall can help the heat to move into the center of the room, and if you’ve got plenty of warm and cushioned seating in the living room, pulling it all within a couple yards of each other will help you benefit from shared body heat as well.


Your home should be perfectly cozy this Christmas, so let’s make sure you’re just as warm outside as you feel inside!


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